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For purpose-driven, passionate individuals looking for a powerful way to change the world…

Discover How to Live Your Purpose, and Help Others Live Theirs.

Introducing the world’s first Dharma Coaching Certification, that integrates the best of Western psychology & Eastern spirituality to prepare you for a thriving career as a purpose coach.

Do you do what you’re supposed to do each day — what you’re expected to do — but none of it lights you up because none of it feels like YOU?

Or maybe you’ve found some success but you feel like something’s still missing and you’re not as happy as you could be?

It’s like you know, you were put on the planet for something greater — to be of service through sharing your gifts — but don’t know how to make that your actual career.
You’re ready to go beyond spiritual books, Instagrams and affirmations, and into creating a true livelihood for yourself while honoring your soul’s gifts.
You feel your purpose is the one missing area of your life and feel so close to finding it, yet you’re also unsure about what to do next.

The Unspoken Truth Holding Back Millions of People

Through millennia human beings have sensed there’s more to life than just being born, following the social norms, getting a regular job and living the same day over and over again.

But tragically, it’s how life plays out for most people.

Millions spend day after day secretly feeling lost, adrift and dissatisfied instead of feeling fully energized and passionate about life.

They try to escape this discomfort by chasing after what they believe will make them happy and fulfilled, but it never actually does. You might recognize some of these “escape routes” in your own life:
And, on and on it goes. The endless pursuit of more achievements, validation and “success”…

… and it’s because we’re all consciously or unconsciously seeking the answer to this question:

”How can I be happy?”

You see, the question that needs to be asked, the question that matters, is NOT “How can I be happy?” but…
What is my soul’s purpose?

In other words…What is my Dharma?

In other words…
What is my Dharma?

TheONLY Path to True Joy, Freedom, Creative Fulfillment & More

Dharma is the ancient Sanskrit word for your soul’s purpose. It originates from the Vedas, the most ancient Indian text from which yoga, Ayurveda and many forms of meditation, originate.

Your dharma is your birthright and you owe it to yourself and to the world to find it and live it.

Look at it this way…
Imagine if Oprah decided she wasn’t talented enough to have a career on TV?
We wouldn’t have had access to the thousands of spiritual teachers she eventually shared on her #1 talk show.
What if Deepak Chopra chose to remain just an MD and never shared his spiritual practice? Millions of people would not have learned about the power of meditation.
What if Eckhart Tolle stayed stuck in a depressive state? He would have been depriving the world of his life-changing teachings and books, including the Power of Now.
Here’s the truth…
Oprah, Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle were all once in the place you are in now… they questioned if they had a purpose and they probably felt anxious, and afraid, wondering if they were living their best life.
We would be missing out on some of the greatest healers and spiritual teachers on the planet if they had not taken action despite their fear.
So the question you need to ask yourself right now is… what could be waiting for you on the other side of your fear? What could you accomplish if you learned to trust yourself?
It’s not just what you do but why and how you do it. It’s your soul mission statement that carries you through all of the things you do.
Your dharma is your soul’s unique frequency, your energetic signature, your fullest expression, and your highest self rolled into one.
Life without dharma is like food without salt and without it, you will always be seeking fulfillment in places only purpose can fill.
Most of the world is seeking happiness and we make happiness our main goal…
… but happiness is a byproduct of life’s true goal.
You see, the only real goal in life — the only goal that matters — is living your purpose.
When you are fully aligned with your purpose, you’ll experience authentic happiness and you’ll also:

Society Lied, and Our Innocent Minds Believed...

Most of us have experienced the following situation when we were children…
The “you can’t make money living your purpose and doing what you love” is a belief that’s plagued society for centuries.
But it’s a false belief because the opposite is true.

You can create unlimited abundance when you are fully in alignment with your purpose.

There is no one else but you who can live your dharma and the world deeply needs you.
When you shift into living your dharma, you tap into a feeling of flow, synchronicity and ease that is actually the universe propelling you forward, toward your purpose.
The reason why most people aren’t successful is because they aren’t living their dharma. They feel stuck, stagnant and low in energy.

Energy, creativity, money and abundance flows naturally + easefully when you’re in alignment with your sacred mission on this planet because you’re living your why.

You are tapped into the universal pool of energy and you can manifest exactly what you desire.
So, here’s something exciting to consider…

What Will Your Life Be Like When You Can Serve Others at the Highest Level & Create Extraordinary Abundance At The Same Time?

The global personal coaching industry is a $15 billion dollar market and it continues to grow exponentially, year on year.

This means there is an increasing demand for coaches and now more than ever before, people are ready and willing to invest in a competent, aligned coach who cares about creating the results they’re looking for.

In fact, there aren’t enough qualified coaches out there and this is the #1 complaint of major organizations seeking to hire coaches.

There are over a 100 million businesses in the world, and 1 in 4 of them are actively looking for a coach.

This means we need 25 million coaches to meet the current demand for coaches!

Combine this with what’s going on in the world…global health, economic and societal challenges hitting new heights, industries falling and unemployment lines getting longer…
More and more people are actively looking for NOT just any coach but someone who can help them identify and live their purpose. This means your future clients include…
The person who’s worked at the same company or corporation for 20 years and wonders… is this all there is? is this all there is?
The college student who’s anxious and confused. about the right next step
The empty nester who’s looking fora new direction. now that her children are grown
The working professional who feels like they aren’t using their creative gifts.
The former version of you!
In other words, there is an intense need for coaches who can help others live their deepest purpose, especially now more than ever before.

There is a huge and growing demand for those who know how to guide others from chaos to clarity, empower them to find their truth and guide them to discover their purpose (no matter what else is going on in the world).

This is what you will do as a Dharma Coach.

This is what you will do as a

Dharma Coach.

Dharma Coaching is about moving past the mind and body and into the soul.
It’s not about being perfect or having the answers to everything…

It’s about learning how to hold space to really listen to someone express who they truly are, with compassion, while asking transformational questions to guide them to higher levels of awareness.

It’s about realizing your life lessons and experiences are your soul’s curriculum, so you can build trust and authentically connect with future clients.
In fact, your imperfections, stories and experiences are what make you a perfect Dharma Coach for your ideal client!
This is something that is available to everyone, including YOU.

You don’t have to have everything figured out to be a Dharma Coach.

And it’s because you can empower yourself with proven flagship tools you can use to guide anyone into purpose, joy and clarity… tools like the Dharma Discovery Method™

The Dharma Discovery Method™ Lets You Confidently Coach Anyone to Live Their Dharma (Even if You Have Zero Coaching Experience)

The truth is no matter where you are in your life right now…
Whether you’re a yoga teacher, coach, corporate professional or stay-at-home parent looking to add more meaning in your life or more depth and structure to your toolkit…
The Dharma Discovery Method™ is a beautiful, in depth and exclusive process designed to empower you to help clients uncover and take action on their dharma.

It’s a step-by-step proven pathway you can use to intuitively, yet transformationally, help not only yourself but anyone to discover their dharma including those who are just starting on their spiritual journey…and even full blown skeptics!

The Dharma Discovery Method™ shows you exactly how to coach so your clients can:

Keep in mind…

The Dharma Discovery Method™ is just one of scores of core tools, processes, techniques and methodologies that we teach at the Dharma Coaching Institute. It’s something no one else is teaching because we are the pioneers of this movement.. and we’d like to invite you to join us!

The Dharma Coaching Institute™


The World’s First And Only Dharma Coaching Multiple-Certification Experience

The Dharma Coaching Institute Syllabus is a deeply transformational experience that covers 8 stages leading you through life-changing dharma principles and coaching tools + practices for profound success and abundance…
This program is packed with actionable, interactive weekly lessons, live calls and experiential peer-coaching where you can practice your skills in real-time.

In just 16 weeks, you could have a new career as a confident Certified Dharma Coach. Plus this is a unique multiple-certification program so upon graduation, you will be able to call yourself a:

Dharma Coaching Institute

Certified Dharma Coach


Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Certified Soul Purpose Coach

Certified Life Purpose Coach

As a certified coach from the Dharma Coaching Institute you’ll learn how to work with clients on a very high level using the combined wisdom and transformational power of holistic tools from a variety of Eastern and Western  traditions including:


Chakras + Koshas

Intuitive + Spiritual Life Coaching

Human Design

Somatics + Embodiment

Feminine + Masculine Integration

Meditation + Visualization

Human Psychology + Cross-Cultural Understanding

Higher Brain Thinking

Emotional Management

All of this is paired with structured and grounded business tools and techniques, coaching methods and results-oriented frameworks so you can build a successful, abundant coaching business from the ground up even if you’re new to entrepreneurship.

There is literally NO other coaching program in the world that’s quite like this plus you’ll be among the first in the world to be a fully-certified Dharma Coach or a fully-certified Spiritual Life Coach, Soul Purpose Coach or LIfe Purpose Coach!

So whether you’re stepping into coaching for the first time or looking to add Dharma Coaching to your toolkit as a Health, Business, Relationship or Intuitive Coach or yoga/meditation teacher…

The Dharma Coaching Certification program by the Dharma Coaching Institute will meet you exactly where you are.

Meet Your Master Trainers

Sahara Rose

Sahara Rose is the best-selling author of Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose, A Yogic Path Deck + Journal, Eat Feel Fresh and The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda with forewords all written by the eminent Dr. Deepak Chopra who proclaimed her “a leading voice of the millennial generation into the new paradigm.”

She is the host of the Highest Self, the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes with over 25 million downloads and 4000+ 5 star reviews. She is the founder of Rose Gold Goddesses, a divine feminine mystery school honoring the Goddess within, with over 2000 members.
A world-renowned expert in Dharma, Ayurveda and spirituality, Sahara has devoted the last decade of her life and over 20,000 hours of tireless writing, speaking, and teaching to raise the vibration of the planet. She has empowered millions to discover their dharma so they can create conscious abundance, joy, freedom and purpose in their lives and collectively raise the vibration of the planet.
Sahara has been featured on world-renowned media channels including the cover of Yoga Journal and within Forbes, Vogue, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and NBC. As a top-ranked speaker, she’s graced the stages of Google, Facebook and major conferences. She believes in making the spiritual journey fun + relatable, and she’ll be bringing her humor, DJ skills and dance moves to the Dharma Coaching Institute.

Sahara Rose

Ajit nawlakha

Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha is the co-founder of Evercoach by Mindvalley, the world’s leading coach training platform that’s impacted over 150,000+ coaches and leaders (and counting).
Ajit is the best-selling co-author of go-to coach’s manuals — The Book of Coaching and The Business Book of Coaching. He is also the most positively reviewed coach trainer in the world with over 1000+ glowing reviews for his coach training programs.
As a highly sought-after business coach with over 10 years of hands-on experience, Ajit works with some of the greatest business leaders and entrepreneurs on the planet, while building multiple successful companies of his own.
He is a master leadership, management, mindset, product, team and marketing coach and he’s successfully taken companies from the start-up stage all the way to the $10 million mark in revenue.

Dr.Neeta Bhushan

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a former cosmetic dentist turned best-selling author, international speaker, serial entrepreneur, sought-after leadership coach, and trainer. Founder of the Global GRIT Institute and 3x time author of the best-selling books Emotional GRIT: 8 Steps to Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Thoughts, and Change Your World, The Book of Coaching, and The Business Book of coaching.

Neeta left her large dental practice to transform smiles from the inside out; a journey which took her across 45 countries developing research that powerfully blends the fields of human behavior, ancient eastern philosophy and therapeutic psychology.
Sparked by her own life experiences overcoming multiple extreme adversities, including being orphaned at a young age, surviving an abusive marriage of domestic violence, and overcoming extensive loss, her breakthrough research in Emotional Grit has been endorsed & utilized by renowned leaders, corporations, students and organizations around the world.

Francesca Facio

Francesca Facio is a Human Optimization Master Coach and Pranic healer.
She combines the Western practices of coaching with the Eastern practices of healing to help her clients find their life purpose, ignite their passion and take the steps towards their personal freedom.
Using her 8 years of experience with coaching, her knowledge of the chakras, crystals, tarot and energy management, she helps her clients understand themselves on a deeper level, and be able to manifest their dream life into reality.

Deep Transformations You Can Expect as a Certified Dharma Coach.

Dharma Coaching Institute
You’ll Identify the Big, Beautiful, Bold Vision for Your Life & Work as a Spiritual Life Coach
Learn how to live your dharma as you dream a bigger dream for yourself and share your own life experiences, lessons and stories to run powerful coaching sessions and build deep connections with your clients.
You’ll Master Life-Changing Elements of Modern Psychology & Ancient Wisdom
Expertly integrate ancient wisdom with modern psychological and mindset strategies plus strong coaching principles, so you can show up confidently and create lasting mental, emotional and spiritual change for your clients.
Dharma Coaching Institute
Sahara rose
You’ll Access an Empowered Path to Generating Conscious Income

Access an alternate path to generate anywhere between $1000 to $5000 in monthly income in your first year of impacting lives as a Dharma Coach. With experience and time you could be generating multiple 6 figures, even 7 figure income as a Dharma Coach. This is a beautiful, empowered path to create conscious income and change lives at the same time.

You’ll Apply Exclusive Dharma Coaching Tools to Create Real Results for Clients Every, Single Time
Learn the key components of powerful, effective coaching as you master the art of working with a range of exclusive dharma coaching tools like the Dharma Discovery Method™ so you can confidently create transformational results for clients in every, single session.
Dharma Coaching Institute
You’ll Fully Claim your Inborn Strengths to Create Ongoing Success
Know how to embrace your inborn gifts and traits as you develop deeply supportive self-care practices and rituals that let you create success and abundance with ease, in your coaching practice.
You’ll Raise the Consciousness of the Entire Planet
Create a ripple effective of positive change in the world, as you help each client discover their purpose. Become a powerful conduit for hundreds, thousands – and eventually, even millions – of people to live their purpose and this means you’ll be raising the consciousness of the entire planet.
Dharma Coaching Institute
Dharma Coaching Institute payment
You’ll Create Lasting Client Transformations via Unspoken Transmissions
Embody all coaching knowledge and skills so you are not just conveying information but radiating powerful, energetic transmissions that go way beyond words as you establish a rock-solid reputation as a powerful, effective coach who has what it takes to create life-changing transformations for clients.
You’ll Become a Highly Successful Coach with a Prosperous Business
Have the skillset, soulset and mindset strategies including practical business strategies like the art of creating irresistible coaching packages and attracting ideal clients so you can build a thriving, prosperous coaching practice from the ground up. Plus, rapidly monetize your practice by learning how to go from 1-on-1 coaching to group coaching.

This is what we stand for at

Dharma Coaching Institute:

Dharma Coaching Institute
What’s Inside the Dharma Coaching Institute Curriculum

The Syllabus

The Dharma Coaching Institute’s inaugural DCI Syllabus is a life-changing 16-week experience with actionable dharma, spiritual life coaching, psychology and business methodologies and processes you can immediately use to create profound, powerful transformation for yourself and your clients (even if you’ve never coached anyone before).
Stage 1

Setting Up The Dharma Mission

Dharma icon
Stage 2

The Foundations of Dharma

Dharma icon
Stage 3

Dharma Coaching Fundamentals

Stage 4

Dharma Awareness: Understanding Powerful Coaching Elements

Stage 5

Dharma Discovery: Delivering the Coaching Program

Stage 6

Dharma Integration

Stage 7

Dharma Expansion: Preparing for the Road Ahead

Stage 8

Dharma Business & Beyond

Stage 9

Dharma Business & Beyond

By Stage 9, you will have fully completed your training and you will receive your certification from the Dharma Coaching Institute.
Upon graduation you will be a fully Certified Dharma Coach, as well as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Soul Purpose Coach, or Certified Life Purpose Coach.
Want More Details?
How The Dharma Coaching Certification Works

The Experience

Duration (16 weeks, Class starts May 10, 2021)
The multiple-certification experience unfolds over 16 game-changing weeks of live calls and experiential, empowering practice sessions. Comprehensive video trainings plus worksheets and support material will be hosted in an easy-to-navigate learning platform and you’ll gain access to this platform when you sign up.

Exclusive Access To Gorgeous, High Quality Video Trainings

Exclusive access to video trainings that you can return to again and again. Each video lasers in on different aspects of coaching and business featuring Sahara, Ajit and Neeta.
Sahara shares masterful trainings in dharma practices, spiritual principles, intuitive wisdom and embodied coaching. Ajit offers expert business coaching to build your confidence, and practical applications of being a successful coach and business owner. Neeta goes deep into the mindset work, behaviors and resilience you need to start, grow and sustain a super successful business and build a renowned reputation as a Dharma Coach.
Transformational Weekly LIVE calls
Attend live, weekly calls for in-depth teaching and Q and A sessions where you can have your questions personally answered by Sahara, Ajit or Neeta during the 16-week cohort. You’ll also be assigned a mentor coach who will be on hand to offer additional support between calls and throughout your Dharma Coaching Certification experience. Don’t worry if you can’t attend live as all calls will be recorded and available for replay.
Dharma Coaching Institute
Experiential Learning via Guided Dharma Pods
Take the tools, techniques and principles you learn and apply all of it in practice coaching sessions plus offer feedback to your fellow coaches-in-training. Known as “Dharma Learning Pods” this is a supportive, safe practice circle of peer coaches plus your mentor coach where you will gain powerful, experiential learning experience and training as a Dharma Coach. This is a requirement for Certification.
Limited Intake & Priceless Personal Attention
As a student of the Dharma Coaching Institute’s inaugural Dharma Coaching Certification Founding Class, you will be part of an intimate circle of students.
This means you will have direct access to teachers Sahara, Ajit and Neeta as well as mentor coaches who will know your name and your unique challenges and gifts as they support you through every step of this experience. This level of attention is absolutely unheard and it will never happen again because following intakes will be to an unlimited number of students.
Dharma Coaching Institute
Embodied, Intuitive, Spiritual Training
The trainings, practice sessions, live calls and mentoring you’ll receive in this multiple-certification program are designed to support you in embodying YOUR unique dharma and medium of expression This is why this program also includes intuition, energetic and spiritual training as well as a variety of deep healing modalities such as Ayurveda, Human Design, somatics, feminine vs masculine coaching, cultural nuances, visualization and more.


Dharma icon
The Complete Start Your Dharma Coaching Business Training
This is master business coach Ajit Nawalkha’s comprehensive program designed to show you exactly how to start and grow your coaching business in a matter of months.

You’ll learn how to craft a unique, powerful message, create profitable coaching packages, design an irresistible offer, and start generating significant income from your Dharma Coaching practice, immediately upon graduating with your certificate. You’ll also learn exactly where to find ideal clients and how to confidently communicate with them so they can’t wait to enroll and work with you!

Value $1000, included in your tuition

Dharma icon
The 21-Day Dharma Discovery Journey

This is Sahara Rose’s flagship step-by-step course designed to guide you into your dharma in just 21 days. You’ll learn where to focus and direct your energy so you can go from not knowing anything about your true purpose to having clarity on who you truly are, insight into your gifts & skills and the courage to take action and start living your purpose.

Value $249, included in your tuition

Dharma icon
How To Launch a Thriving Podcast
In this high-value masterclass, Sahara Rose shares the proven process she used to launch Highest Self, the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes with over 25 million downloads and guests including Deepak Chopra, don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, Mark Nepo, Gretchen Ruben, Gabby Bernstein and more.

She shares insider tips and techniques you can use to quickly launch a successful podcast of your own. You’ll also learn her personal system to keep guests, sponsors, descriptions and show notes organized, and scheduled plus key tech tips — like how to choose the right microphone — to keep everything running without a hitch!

Value $500, included in your tuition

Invaluable Ongoing Support

Full access to a safe, supportive private online group where you can ask questions, share your challenges, and deepen your learnings in between Live calls and trainings so you never feel alone, lost or confused.

Value $1000, included in your tuition

Featured on Our Website, Social Media and Newsletter Highlights

As a certified Dharma Coach, you’ll have your profile featured in the Dharma Coaching Institute website which guarantees increased exposure (not to mention more credibility). You could also be potentially highlighted in our social media channels and email subscription list for added exposures… all at no cost to you! These are incredibly effective ways to easily connect with ideal clients without having to work on your marketing from scratch.

Value $1000, included in your tuition

Dynamic Community of Kindred Spirits

Imagine being supported by other fellow Dharma Coaches who are emotionally intelligent, open-hearted and fully supportive of you and your journey? Get ready for deep friendships, partnerships and collaborations that could accelerate your success as a Dharma Coach and maybe even change your life!

Value $500, included in your tuition

There Are 2 Choices Ahead Of You. Only 1 Will Change Your Life.

We’re living through one of the most unpredictable global changes right now and these shifts are continuing to accelerate.
In fact, Pew Research has shown that 70% of people have seriously considered leaving their jobs in the past year.
And as more people realize just how uncertain life is, they are looking for ways to live their purpose and experience the life they truly desire, now.
So there is a COLOSSAL demand for more effective, gifted purpose coaches or Dharma Coaches and it’s also one of the biggest reasons why we created the Dharma Coaching Institute.
There is simply no question that what you’ll learn in this program can help you create purpose in your own life and you could potentially help countless other people to do the same but…
So here’s something to think about…
How long are you willing to wait before you fully embrace a life of meaning and purpose that is your birthright?
How much of your precious time, energy and money are you willing to sacrifice before you finally let yourself experience true joy, abundance and freedom you desire?
When are you going to come out of the spiritual closet and lead with your intuitive gifts, connected heart and share all the wisdom you have locked inside you?
The unfortunate truth is most people never live their dreams. They never live the life they know they were born to embody because they were too afraid to make a change.

It’s why the #1 top regret of dying is: I wish I lived a life of purpose.

Here at the Dharma Coaching Institute, it is our mission to change that.
To empower and remind every person of their soul’s purpose and create the largest ripple effect of millions of people living their dharma that the world has ever seen.
It’s the only way the world can come into balance.
We believe in a world where…
Each person is honored for their unique gifts.
Where the days that we were stuck at a desk repeating the same day over-and-over again become a distant memory.
Where we support each other in embodying our passions.
Where we raise our children to follow their curiosities and find solutions to the world’s problems.

Where we live our lives as a reflection of the beautiful tapestry within our souls.

Where each person is completely in alignment with their sacred mission on this planet.

If you feel a YES in your heart and resonance in your soul with this collective vision, then you are meant to be a Dharma Coach.
When you join us, you will be part of the first generation and largest collective of Dharma Coaches raising the vibration of the planet.
You will look back on this day as the day everything shifted, telling this story to your clients and even writing about it in your future book.

This is the day you said YES to your purpose of becoming a Dharma Coach!

We don’t believe in coincidences. The fact that your intuition guided here and you’re reading this far shows this is something that is meant for you and we would love to support in your journey to fulfilling your purpose and your destiny as a Dharma Coach.

Let’s Recap

A Snapshot of What You’ll Receive at Dharma Coaching Institute

Enrollment Now Open for Class of May 10th, 2021.
ONLY $3997

Giving Back

To support people around the world in living their dharmas, as well as give back to the homeland of dharma, we donate 5% of net profits percent to Prajwala, a non-profit organization in India to support the Prevention, Protection, Rescue, Rehabilitation & Reintegration of victims of human trafficking, because everyone deserves a life of freedom.

Risk Free

Try The Dharma Coaching Certification 100% Risk-Free

We’ve designed the Dharma Coaching Certification so you are supported all the way to becoming a fully qualified, highly effective and confident Dharma Coach,Spiritual Life Coach, Soul Purpose Coach or Life Purpose Coach, even if you have never coached a single person before taking this program.
Everything from the program duration to the teaching format and the content and tools that we share in this certification program is incredibly powerful and transformational… and unlike anything you’ll find out there.
But don’t take our word for it!
When you enroll today you can try the Dharma Certification Coaching program for 15 days (starting from the date of your enrollment) and if for some reason if you’re not totally blown away by what’s inside, you can simply email support@dharmacoachinginstitute.com and get a full refund… no questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dharma Coaching Institute is founded by master trainers Sahara Rose, Ajit Nawalkha and Dr. Neeta Bhushan-Nawalkha, who have a combined experience of 50 years as world-class teachers and coaches. Most certificates out there are only taught by one teacher, whereas here you will have three extremely successful teachers who are masters in their field teaching you the very best of spiritual life-coaching, business training and psychology.


Imagine having the #1 spiritual podcast host + Deepak Chopra-endorsed best-selling author as your spiritual teacher, the former CEO of multimillion dollar company Mindvalley as your business coach and one of the most sought-after motivational speakers as your mindset coach. That’s what you’ll get at Dharma Coaching Institute. You will automatically gain trust and recognition from being coached by these three individuals.


The Dharma Coaching Institute syllabus has been personally designed by all three trainers and is based on their years of insider, high-level knowledge that have already empowered millions of people around the world to be successful coaches in various fields. So we are confident that the program can help anyone become an effective, confident Dharma Coach.


We are so confident about this program that we are offering a 100% risk-free 15-day money-back guarantee because we know how game-changing it is.

Absolutely! You can join us from anywhere in the world and can apply our program’s teachings to clients in whatever country you’re in.

We will connect with all students before the first live call to choose times that are suitable across as many time zones as possible. Practice sessions will be decided based on your Dharma Pod members and we will be grouping students based on location for easy attendance.


The detailed schedule will be made available to you after you join. All LIVE sessions will be recorded available in your online learning platform so if you are unable to attend any session, you can easily via the recording.

No! All you need is a desire to learn, to be of service and to work with your gifts and skills to the best of your ability as you coach clients in discovering their Dharma.

You’ll be invited to join our Alumni Network that’s exclusive to graduates of this program. This lets you stay connected with other Certified Dharma Coaches from your current class and future classes and you will have the opportunity to build deep friendships and a priceless network of supportive peer coaches and entrepreneurs to grow your business.

Yes, absolutely! If you’re already a coach in a different niche, you can easily combine and integrate your experience with the processes and tools you’ll learn, which will help you increase your rate. In fact, you can look forward to increasing your rates by 30% after graduating from Dharma Coaching Institute.

Yes! You can sign up for Dharma Coaching Institute absolutely risk-free thanks to our 15-day money-back guarantee, starting on the day the program begins. In other words, you can try this experience for a full 15 days before deciding if it’s right for you. If you feel that it’s not a great fit for whatever reason, just reach out to our customer service team and you’ll get your investment back. No questions asked!

Yes each batch we offer one scholarship spot to an active community member and this year’s spot has been filled.

We’re providing expert business training so you can start and build not just a fulfilling Dharma Coaching practice but also a highly profitable business that generates reliable income, month after month. Our goal is for you to make your investment in this program back within the first few months, after graduation.

Founded by Sahara Rose, Dr. Neeta Bhushan, and Ajit Nawalkha, you will be certified by the Dharma Coaching Institute which is the only global training organization that offers unique, proprietary coaching methodologies and frameworks that are expertly blended with powerful tools from Eastern spiritual traditions and modern Western psychology.

The principle teachings from the Dharma Coaching Institute are carefully curated and designed based on thousands of hours of transformational mentoring, coaching, teaching and leading entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders, coaches, parents, students… essentially people from all backgrounds, all walks of life, from all around the world.

As a graduate of the Institute’s first intake of the Dharma Coaching Certification program, you can proudly count yourself as one of the very first coaches in the world, who is fully qualified to support and guide clients to accurately identify their soul purpose and live their dharma with joy, abundance and freedom. During the program you will gain experience, learn frameworks, and get all resources, agreements, tools you need to start your dharma coaching business. 

The curriculum is being submitted to various accrediting organizations. Your study hours will be counted towards once we receive a final confirmation from these organizations. 

While an exact salary is impossible to predict as it depends on many factors such as the coaching rate you decide to set, number of hours spent coaching each week etc., it’s safe to say that, as a Dharma Coach, you can easily charge $100/hour after graduation, $200-500/ hour with more experience, and upwards from there (most coaches predict a further increase in fees in the next few years, based on a survey by the International Coaching Federation.)


More importantly, master business coach Ajit Nawalkha will show you how to build coaching packages so you can free yourself from the “dollars for hours” grind and you won’t have to charge by the hour anymore. Instead you’ll be enrolling clients in 3 to 6-month coaching packages where you can easily charge anywhere between  $2000 to $6000 per package. You’ll also learn how to set prices for various coaching programs so you can create a more sustainable, reliable income for yourself.

Crucial note: Beyond 1-on-1 coaching, you can exponentially increase your coaching income and rates with group-coaching, online programs, speaking, retreats, corporate coaching etc. Your free bonus Start Your Dharma Coaching Business training covers all of this and more.

Certified Dharma Coach Program starts on May 10th, 2021. 

Once the class starts, you will not be able to join the class. We don’t know if and when the next batch will be. The intention is to create outstanding Dharma Coaches in the world and we want to focus all our effort in making the experience of this batch amazing. We are committed to your success!

We recommend setting about three hours a week for your training; one hour a week for the weekly module, one hour a week for the live Q+A call with us, one hour a week to put your skills into practice in your Dharma Learning Pod.

You will also have access to the modules throughout the program in case you need extra time or want to review.


Dharma Coaching Institute
“The knowledge Sahara has brought to my life and business in the last 6 months has been INCOMPARABLE to anything I would have learned on my own. Being a driven woman in her 30’s, I was tired of feeling burnt out in my business and my relationships. The Highest Self podcast was the tip of the iceberg. Sahara’s program transformed the way I thought about life and business…
Asma K, Active Kinetix
Dharma Coaching Institute

You have changed my life forever! The way you have guided me to discover my dharma through the questions you asked really brought me some new visions I had NEVER seen in my future. It was so powerful. Such great work and excited to see what you offer as a certification! I just wanted to message you and let you know how much you changed my life…

Ariana E,
Social Media + Marketing Manager
Dharma Coaching Institute

They will elevate your life and business. Don’t hesitate to invest in yourself with this dynamic duo. The love and energy both Ajit and Neeta provide as coaches is ridiculously moving. Masters of their craft, they create a magical and transformative process that truly drops you into action and accountability. They are the kind of coaches the world needs more…

Nicole Medina-Coach
Mindvalley Master Certified Trainer
Let’s Recap

A Snapshot of What You’ll Receive at Dharma Coaching Institute

Enrollment Now Open for Class of May 10th, 2021.
ONLY $3997
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