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Reviews  and  Testimonials

“I have seen exponential growth in myself…”

Before this certification, my dreams of helping others find their life purpose felt like a distant goal that I would be struggling to reach for many years to come. After the DCI experience, I have seen exponential growth in myself and I can truly say that I am now embodying my highest self as a dharma coach. I have been given an abundance of knowledge, wisdom, and guidance from DCI to apply to my life and my new business. I enrolled in this certification to take my life-purpose-based Bali retreat business, Clarifino, to the next level. This certification gave me more than I could have ever dreamed of receiving. I now have more confidence, business insights, and a flourishing community of like-minded souls that are my new best friends. I recommend DCI to anyone interested in harnessing their unique power to share their voice and gain financial freedom doing something that is in alignment with their dreams and desires!

Grayson Waataja

“I am stepping into making my dreams a reality…”

I have to say the DCI course is not what I expected… It has been even better!! I already had 53 certifications in the wellness world so I felt like I was pretty clear on my dharma, but this training has catapulted me way further down the road than I anticipated. Halfway through the course, my boyfriend quit his job so we used him as a practice client for our family pod. Little did I know that he was going to discover his dharma after only one session and it would be leading us to move out of the country! Now our dharmas are coming together and we are opening a retreat center in his home country of El Salvador. I signed up for this course because I thought it would be a great way to help my clients in their retirement years or with empty nest syndrome, and instead, this course has changed my life completely. I am stepping into making my dreams a reality, it has helped my relationship immensely, and we are building a future that is going to have an amazing impact on our local community and the lives of our clients. I can’t wait to see how this journey unfolds and I am so grateful for DCI for creating this life-changing course.

Hilery Hutchinson

“Attending DCI has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life… “

Attending DCI has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life – it gave me access to some of the most knowledgeable mindset/spiritual/business/nurturing mentors in the world as well as connect me to a wonderful tribe of men and women who are all on a similar path to helping others discover their soul’s purpose. I get off each DCI call and I am buzzing with vigor, awe, and love. More importantly, this course has taught me to embody all aspects of myself and reconnect with my intuition so that I can be the highest version of myself and that, in itself, is priceless. Our beautiful, soulful instructors at DCI did their best to attend to our relentless questions and went above and beyond by giving us resources and tools to help us sharpen our level of service. I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for this course, I just knew deep down inside of me that I wanted to help others get “unstuck” and do something that truly makes their souls sing/light on fire/dance. Through the wisdom of Sahara, Neeta, Ajit, Fran, Stacey, Shanita, and all my fellow peers inside DCI, I found myself peeling back my own layers of the onion that make me ME and really exploring who I am and what I am really capable of in this sweet lifetime which was a beautiful and unexpected journey in and of itself 🙂 I’d highly recommend this certification to ANYONE who wants to leave with not only the means to be a great spiritual life coach for others but also with a deeper, more profound understanding of their own soul. Sending so so much love to my DCI Family, it has been one epic and wholesome adventure! <3

Aparna Attawar

“it was a full-body yes for me and I signed up immediately…”

Dharma Coaching Institute, it was a full-body yes for me and I signed up immediately. DCI was the beginning of a beautiful new chapter and the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Before DCI, I felt stuck and miserable at a job of 6 years that was no longer serving me. So I took the leap of faith, quit my job, and poured my heart into this calling. This program has not only helped me discover what I am truly passionate about, but it has helped me transform and evolve further into my highest self. Before DCI, I had a lot of work to do around stepping into the fullest expression of my authentic self. This program has helped me feel empowered and confident in who I am and what I am here to share with the world. DCI has helped me realize my own unique superpowers and the importance of embodying them. It has driven me to make my purpose a living reality and further deepened my love for helping other people discover theirs. The courses are insightful, the coaches are amazing, and the community is full of incredible souls. I’ve never felt more aligned with a community that is so inspiring and empowering. This whole experience is powerful and transformational in so many ways. Becoming a dharma coach with DCI has been truly life-changing!

Gabriella Melnick

“I have been able to proudly and confidently claim…”

I have been on a personal journey for a few years now, and I have been through many stages of healing, using many modalities as well. In late 2020, I started offering human design readings – I knew that it was a tool that I needed to share in my community as a part of my dharma, but also as a method to help others unlock their unique truth, purpose, and gifts. However, I was really struggling to adopt the title of “coach”, and with how to translate my passion into physical reality. I wasn’t able to fully step into my dharma and show up in service to others. I kept dropping out of my soul purpose, struggling to launch, terrified of public speaking, and not feeling abundant. Through these past few months in the Dharma Coaching Institute, I have been able to proudly and confidently claim my space and the work that I do. I have affirmed my title of dharma coach and I have grown my expression of human design coaching. The content in this program has given tangible language and frameworks to a lot of the concepts that I was mulling in my head but unable to bring forth into the world. The deep insights that get pulled out of Sahara, Ajit, Neeta, and the other coaches in our weekly calls have been remarkable and transformational. Most of all, the community of peers in the program has been so supportive and energetic. One of the key messages I have been able to take away from DCI is the concept of the Dharma Journey Spiral, and that healing is not a linear journey. I still go through times of uncertainty, confusion, overwhelm and I now know that the healing work is never complete, but instead only deepens and unfolds through different iterations. But I don’t believe that has to stop me from showing up. It only affirms the security I feel in my coaching abilities, to truly be anchored into my dharma; and it allows me to be messy, raw, real, vulnerable, and imperfect. I hope that by sharing my process, others are inspired to live out their dharma and to show up as they are being called to.

Karishma Rupani

“I could not be happier with where this decision has led me…”

Three months ago, I was longing for an institute that could teach me how to connect deeply with other souls and make a difference in our world. I knew that I wanted to help people in a massive way and on a spiritual level, but I was unsure where to begin. I was about to graduate from the 4-year university I was attending and did not want to settle for just another phase of life deemed acceptable by society’s standards. I wanted more, and I knew that more was possible for not only me but the collective. That is when I came across Dharma Coaching Institute. For the first time in my life, I experienced a “full-body yes.” My head, heart, and gut all told me that this was where I needed to be. And let me tell you, I could not be happier with where this decision has led me. Before completing this certification, I felt lost and unsure. I had a vague idea of my own dharma but was still confused. How was I supposed to help others in the massive way that I knew I could if I didn’t even understand the depths of my own purpose? That all changed throughout my DCI experience. I have gained more than an education at Dharma Coaching institute. I have been equipped with the tools and fundamentals that I need to be a successful spiritual life coach while also finding clarity on my dharma. I have made connections with peers that feel more genuine and authentic than the connections I have with my best friends. This community feels like home. Everyone is so supportive, and together we have gone through a magical evolution. I am leaving this institute feeling empowered, confident, and so excited to see the ripple effect that we will have on the world. I recommend this certification to anyone who wants to grow spiritually and wishes to do their part in raising the vibration of the planet.

Nicole Bitskay

“DCI has given me a community of like-minded spiritual friends and a wealth of knowledge…”

When I saw the Dharma + Spiritual Coaching Certification, I didn’t even have to think twice. I knew I had to do it. The past year has been a rollercoaster, a full search for my dharma. I followed all the signs and synchronicities that led me to DCI. I’ve always loved being a part of someone’s transformation, and in the past, it was typically teaching technical mountain bike skills to women and kids. Today I am guiding clients on their Dharma Adventure. I wake up full of energy and motivation every day. DCI has given me a community of like-minded spiritual friends and a wealth of knowledge and training. I am so confident in myself and my path, thanks to DCI, Sahara, Ajit, Neeta, Fran and all of my co-students. I am so happy as I move forward to the next step in my dharma with a community and a clear path ahead of me! And most importantly, guiding others on their very own Dharma Adventure!

Tonya Bray

“I feel I am living the most congruent and authentic version of myself since I started DCI..”

For a very long time, I felt I was wandering aimlessly through life. From an outsider’s perspective, I had everything to be happy, but my soul felt lost. I have a solid career, one that comes with a pension, but as years have gone by, my spirit in the four walls of my office is becoming dimmer and dimmer. DCI came into my life by “accident”. A perfectly and harmoniously orchestrated act from the universe that was calling me to reconnect with my soul’s purpose and finally say “YES” to my true self. This journey has changed my life. I feel I am living the most congruent and authentic version of myself since I started DCI. As I have started coaching clients, I genuinely have felt I am back where I belong. I was lost, but DCI and its coaches, have shown me the way back home, to my soul’s purpose and the full embodiment of my dharma. I was born to raise the vibration of the planet. I was born to hold space and be a coach. More specifically, a Dharma coach. I can’t wait to be the guide that walks other wandering souls back home.

Noemy Salas

“Finally, I feel ready. Ready to embody all that I have to share. Ready to serve up my life-cake!…”

I am a student of life, and as such, I love learning! I don’t recall a time in my life where I haven’t been enrolled in some sort of schooling, certification, workshop, training, course, etc. The list of “things” attached to my name is long. Yet, I haven’t taken these “things” and decided, with conviction, “Yep – this is what I am going to do.” Until Dharma Coaching Institute. DCI has given me the confidence, support, framework, and motivation that I have been looking for to finally present myself and my wisdom to the world. I like to describe this course as follows: I have been baking a “life-cake” for decades. One layer is my teaching degree, another is my holistic nutrition certification. I have a yoga therapist layer, a Mom layer, and a layer dedicated to corporate management. I also have a layer-specific to pre-natal yoga and birth doula. All these layers of my life-cake and I finally found the icing that holds them together. DCI has given me the tools I need to make my life-cake palatable. DCI is the icing that allows me to take all these layers of my being, fit them together, and have a tangible piece of me that I can serve up to the world. Not only have I learned how to step fully into WHO I am and how I can be of service, but also how to guide others into discovering their icing as well. Finally, I feel ready. Ready to embody all that I have to share. Ready to serve up my life-cake! Who wants a piece?! 🙂 🙂

Jillian MacKenzie

“ I learned to accept who and how I am and that my “being different” is not crazy but a Gift I am meant to share and serve others with…”

Before this certification, my life and business were not in the open. I was hiding not only myself as a person but also my business as a Practitioner. Why? Because ever since I was a child, I was “different”. I ‘saw’ and ‘felt’ things others did not. Then as I got older I was called “Crazy” because of what I ‘saw’, ‘felt’, ‘heard’, and ‘knew’, and eventually I was put away in a clinic for several months during my 25-year marriage to a Narcissist to “overcome” my so-called craziness…During the DCI Program, I learned to accept who and how I am and that my “being different” is not crazy but a Gift I am meant to share and serve others with. Because the best way I can help, support, and be of service is by cheering my experiences in life which make me understand “where others are coming from”. This is what makes me an authentic Coach. That’s what DCI so brilliantly thought me and made me ready to show myself as a person and as a Coach. Thank you all for that!

Daniela Parisi

“The most important thing that I learned is how to hold space for someone…”

I decided to take this certification because I felt there was something missing in my energy healing business. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I knew I needed more skills. And DCI gave me those skills! The most important thing that I learned is how to hold space for someone. I know that sounds both simple and obvious but watching the DCI coaches hold space and coach others was invaluable. We rarely get to see coaches coach others. It’s usually a private matter! But to see them in action is priceless. Of course, there were many other amazing things that I learned. My favorite is the Dharma Blueprint! It is utterly joyful to take people through the Dharma Blueprint and see their faces as they realize their full potential – sometimes for the first time in their lives! Thank you, DCI, for being the spark that ignites joy and brings purpose all across the world.

Melissa Toy Ozeas

“I’m so proud of the coach I was, I’m proud of the coach I am…”

As a voice and speaking coach, I could see that I needed to go deeper to help my clients transform. They came to me to improve their confidence and voice, but this is near impossible when they are in jobs they don’t like, with people who don’t respect them talking about content that doesn’t light them up. To connect with your voice you need to connect with your dharma. This certification has given me the confidence to coach my clients on a much deeper level and even inspired a new course – speak from your soul – which is launching soon. I’ve done a lot of online courses and this has been by far the best. The content has been so clear and rich and practical and I’ve found myself re-watching modules (this never happens!) This is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. I’m so proud of the coach I was, I’m proud of the coach I am, and especially after DCI I am so proud of the coach I am becoming. Thank you Sahara and team!

Sally Prosser

“This community has become a safe place to explore, heal, grow, and share…”

Oh, where to begin…It has been a long journey to this exact moment in my life. I came from a Catholic background full of criticism and rules. Hocus pocus type behaviors were forbidden in my house, both in practice and in speech, and I felt a deep sense of disconnect from my true nature. As a young girl, I always resonated with the taboo like witchcraft, Tarot readings, and astrology but felt out of place talking with my family and even many friends about these topics. It was not until I was introduced to Sahara Rose that I realized a community exists for people just like me interested in these exact things! When I joined DCI, I was already in the thick of re-discovering my own Dharma. The Certification was the very thing my soul needed to solidify my place as a healer and guide for those who see a purpose-filled life that they are struggling in attaining; I was once that person. The DCI course material affirmed so many things about myself, my beliefs, and my practices and brought me one of the most incredible things I could have asked for…community amongst MY TRIBE. My people live and breathe life into this community; we each have skills and modalities that we offer and share that differ from one another. This community has become a safe place to explore, heal, grow, and share. Each member of this class brings something unique to the table and the world as we embark on the continuation of this epic journey to step into our Dharma fully and wholly to coach others and heal the world.

Abmari Saez-Millet

“Seize the opportunity, you won’t regret it…”

Sahara, Neeta, Ajit each teach from personal experience and share their own unique style of coaching. I appreciate their skillful, humble, and passionate demeanor and how excited they are to share their gifts. This course forced me to think more seriously about how I was (and how I was not) living my dharma and fueled me with the courage to finish writing my book, create a course, and begin coaching clients. I met lifelong soul friends and eagerly devoured the course material each week. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn a holistic approach to coaching from the best mentors I could have asked for. Dharma Coaching Institute is the course to take if you are willing to do the work and truly live your dharma. What they teach will help you become a better coach, not just during the course, but beyond. You’ll come out with the knowledge and tools to jumpstart your own coaching business and find your perfect clients. If you are already coaching this will help you refine your process and add to your skillset to help others. I gained much more from the course than I anticipated—and I had high expectations—leaving me excited and prepared for the future. Seize the opportunity, you won’t regret it.

Sarajean Louise Zocklein

“I learned how to help and guide others who felt exactly as I did to their Dharma…”

What a wonderful journey these past four months have been! I spent so many years wondering where I belong, what I should be doing, and what my purpose was. When I tried going the traditional route and I went to college, I dropped out a year and a half later. I had so much misery sitting in my chest, in my heart. I knew that was not my path. There were many nights where I called out to the Universe and asked for guidance to my purpose. It all came together when I was guided to Sahara, and a week later she announced Dharma Coaching Institute on her podcast. It’s such an amazing and well-rounded program! Not only have I learned how to help and guide others who felt exactly as I did to their Dharma, but I’ve learned so much about myself and my Dharma. I am so grateful to DCI for coming into my life when it did and the beautiful, supportive community that I found.

Devon Benton

“I have gained the confidence, insight, and strength to share that with the world. I am no longer the candle wick that won’t light, I am…”

Before DCI I was miserable. I was stuck in a career that burnt me out and didn’t utilize or embrace my talents. Nor did I have a passion for it. I didn’t have a life outside of work and couldn’t even gather the energy or time to think about what could be next. Then came DCI, the piece I was missing. I didn’t even hesitate. It was a struggle but I found a way to make it work. I put myself and my dharma first. And now, post-certification (NOT post-DCI because DCI is a forever tribe), I will be leaving my full-time job within the next 3 months and branching off to start my own coaching practice. Which I not only feel prepared for but excited about and inspired to do. DCI helped me hone in on the superpowers I possess and opened my eyes up to the world that is within me. DCI supported me in strengthening my voice, and I now know it is my dharma to help others do the same! I am here to be so much more than a “9-5” burn out and throughout the course of DCI, I have gained the confidence, insight, and strength to share that with the world. I am no longer the candle wick that won’t light, I am the flame that can’t be contained.

Tavia Sturgill

“I was going back to school to get my Masters in screenwriting and ended up writing a film about the Dharma Journey…”

I decided to sign up to DCI on an intuitive hit, long before it was announced. And since then, the journey has flowed beautifully. At the same time, I was going back to school to get my Masters in screenwriting and ended up writing a film about the Dharma Journey. I always felt different, weird, like I never belonged anywhere and, after my burnout, that I was spent, that my purpose had been achieved, and that I had no more dreams to work towards. And this was what DCI helped me healed. It allowed me to explore my spiritual beliefs and gifts, to heal my throat and heart chakra, to step into my own power as a visionary, an artist, a coach, a writer, and a public speaker, and most of all to understand that my Weird, what I was afraid to share to the world was actually my Dharma and superpower. I now feel confident in sharing my intuitive gifts, my voice, my creative weirdness, and holding the light in the darkness with my community and clients. And finally, I found a community and I found belonging. Belonging in my own purpose, in my own voice, light, and weirdness, in my intuition, my truth, and myself, supported and held by like-minded souls. I never ever would have thought I would say this, but today, I can say that I am a screenwriter, a spiritual life coach and healer, and a powerful intuitive visionary. And I can’t wait to share this magic around me. And for other souls to find their own brand of magic, weird and light. Thank you for this beautiful journey. I know it’s only the beginning and I can dream again. I am dreaming. I dream. We all do.

Lucie Aidart

“Thanks to the DCI content and coaching I am now confident…”

Before the DCI certification, I was a serial course-taker and over-consumer of information. This pattern was driven by a love of learning and teaching, but also by a major lack of confidence. I signed up for DCI feeling inadequate as an aspiring Life Coach/Breathwork Teacher but also propelled by this massive intuitive hit that dharma coaching was the missing link for carving out my niche. I have searched for my own dharma my whole entire life and suffered as I felt broken-hearted and angry that I didn’t know myself and no one else did either. Thanks to the DCI content and coaching I am now confident enough to launch my coaching career and look forward to supporting other moms who feel burnt out by motherhood and/or lack of a clear life purpose. I have eternal gratitude for the teachings, coaching, and exquisite energy of Sahara, Ajit, and Neeta.

Sarah Justice

“I am so grateful I manifested this opportunity into existence and am excited and honored to be a member of the DCI family…”

After selling my business in 2019, I thought I had it all figured out. I knew exactly what my next move was until I realized after many failed attempts at launching that I was in full blow burn out. While I took some time to retreat and get quiet again I learned about human design while allowed me to understand myself better. In my design, everything pointed that I was made to coach. I didn’t have positive experiences in the past with coaching so every time I heard you should coach I would respond with oh no not me. Everything changed the day I read Discover Your Dharma By Sahara Rose. I was intrigued beyond measure and immediately said now if there was ever a coaching program that taught this I would join. Being a part of The Dharma Coaching Institute has up-leveled my life in so many. The community was filled with the most heart-centered authentic people with who I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. We all showed up to support each other without hesitation. I have never experienced that in any other course before. DCI has given me the knowledge, confidence, and foundational tools that are truly unique. This opportunity has allowed me to follow the breadcrumbs of supporting more women on their journey of finding their dharma guiding them to live with joy and purpose. I am so grateful I manifested this opportunity into existence and am excited and honored to be a member of the DCI family.

Sonia Imerti

“This certification has provided me with the framework I need in order to tune into my highest self…”

Before this certification, I was finishing up my college career knowing I wanted to dive deep into liberating conversations with people to provide them with a space that would encourage them to embody their highest essence. This certification has provided me with the framework I need in order to tune into my highest self, to cultivate this practice with others. Over the course of this certification, I was able to tap into my unique coaching style and uncover even more of my dharma. I learned that coaching is a two-way street; not only will my client get to find their liberation,I will also get to watch myself expand into exponential embodiment.

Kayla Carlucci

“DCI was exactly this missing piece in my life and my business…”

Prior to this certification, I had already trained as a business coach but didn’t really start working as a coach because I always felt something “spiritual” was missing. DCI was exactly this missing piece in my life and my business. I now know more precisely who I am, what I stand for, and feel confirmed in many things that I could not put into words before. I have learned another “language” with which I can holistically support other people on their path. The most important insight that I have gained during this certification is that if we would all allow ourselves to do what brings us joy and corresponds to our being, the world would come back into balance. The biggest positive change I have noticed in my life and business is that I am allowing myself to shine much more in my uniqueness and power, inspiring others to dare to do the same.

Janitha Banda

“This program has been life-changing for me in so many ways. Before coming across Sahara & DCI I was…”

Where do I begin with the many blessings that have come my way since coming across Sahara & now DCI, Neeta, Ajit & all of the amazing DCI coaches that helped lead the past 17 weeks This program has been life-changing for me in so many ways. Before coming across Sahara & DCI I was desperately seeking change & a community that I fit into. I have always known I was meant for something more, had gifts to share & was meant to help others but had no idea how to get started. I was definitely a burnt-out, single mom, working to make ends meet while recovering from past traumas, addiction & low vibe situations… Since finding Sahara, joining “Rose Gold Goddess” &listening to the “highest Self” podcast which introduced DCI to me; I have now found my community, leveled up in so many areas, learned so much about myself & how to share my story/gifts with the world to help others who are sitting where I once was. I can now say I am much more clear & confident in myself, my gifts & how I want to contribute to the healing of other souls. I feel so proud to not only have accomplished this dream of mine of becoming a Certified Spiritual Coach but I also hold so much gratitude to the founders & teachers alike who held me accountable, kept us all engaged & made the program/experience interesting & fulfilling.

Monica Archuleta

“I never could have imagined the amazing growth…”

This journey has by far been the most transformative experience of my life. I remember tuning into my heart when I was deciding on committing to this course and it was easily a no-brainer, somehow everything felt so aligned. I’m unbelievably happy that I committed and followed my heart and soul’s guidance. Earlier this year, I went from being completely lost and disillusioned with life, barely able to get out of bed and complete simple tasks in a day. To learning incredible tools to change my own life and gaining the skills and confidence to be able to use my gifts to serve humanity. It feels like I’ve won some sort of life lottery!! I never could have imagined the amazing growth, learning, and community that has impacted me from this journey. I’ve felt completely supported and guided by incredible, world-class teachers and an amazing heart-centered community of like-minded individuals, all with a common goal of bringing more light to our world. I am so excited to see how each and every one of us will share our gifts with the collective in our own unique expressions. Forever grateful for the DCI journey and all involved that played a part in making my dream and my soul’s purpose come to life. Aimée

Aimee DeCorby

“This inaugural cohort was amazing and I know I will have colleagues, collaborators, and friends for a lifetime…”

I had been looking around for coaching certification, but could never find one that I felt was right for me. As with all things meant to be, DCI landed into my life with divine timing and perfect content. I was really drawn to the diverse strengths of each of the founders Sahara, Ajit, and Neeta, and what they brought to this particular Coaching Certification. Sahara spoke to my wanting to explore the more spiritual world, Neeta to my entrepreneurial side, and the big draw for my practical, rational, valid side was Ajit and his business background with MindValley and EverCoach. This team gave DCI credibility and presented a complete package. With a practical result of helping others find their Dharma, it was a perfect Certification that allows easy entry into the coaching world with a very needed niche. Once inside the container, it was a formidable community. The Coaches Fran, Stacey, and Shanita were knowledgeable, welcoming, and endearing. This inaugural cohort was amazing and I know I will have colleagues, collaborators, and friends for a lifetime. Thank You, DCI. I am forever grateful and forever changed.

Nicola Chang Murphy

“I signed up for DCI because it’s the most holistic and balanced coaching program I’ve come across…”

Before attending DCI I’d written a book related to dharma, studied astrology and yoga but lacked the confidence in my ability to utilize these skills and coach people. I felt like I had so much wisdom to share but wasn’t sure how to do it in a responsible way. Now I have the coaching skills I need to make all my other training and experiences come to life in my own unique way. An unexpected benefit of the course was the community. I can’t recall the last time I felt such a strong sense of belonging and acceptance for who I really am. The peer coaching was another welcome surprise. The requirement to practice meant I had support as I was working through the shadows that surfaced as I stepped onto new ground. I signed up for DCI because it’s the most holistic and balanced coaching program I’ve come across. It didn’t disappoint- it made the magic of spiritual life coaching practical and achievable. I’m so grateful and proud to be a DCI-certified dharma coach.

Kelly Latimer

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