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A Day In the Life Of A Dharma Coach

See what’s possible for you as a Dharma Coach and all the ways you can integrate this work into your life in this interactive live Zoom call recording.
Join Sahara Rose, Dr. Neeta Bhushan, and ceritified Soul Purpose (Dharma) and Spiritual Life coaches Jill, Marcella and Keelie as they share the different ways they have integrated this work into their lives.

Come meet a few of our Coaches and Dharma Coaching Institute graduates

and see what is possible for you, too, as a Certified Soul Purpose (Dharma) + Spiritual Life Coach!
You’ll hear from Jill, who upon graduating DCI, took Dharma Coaching into the corporate environment and landed herself a promotion and raise by doing so, Marcella, who began her Dharma Coaching journey after an epic fail in coaching, and rediscovered her passion for guiding others through powerful transformations, and Keelie, who created her mission-led business after graduating from DCI to help unfulfilled professionals & aspiring coaches take the leap from their 9 to 5 to build soul-aligned businesses.
We can't wait to meet you!

Open up a new world of possibilities.

Not only will you expand your mindset and create a new reality for yourself, but you’ll also have your questions answered about the Dharma Coaching Institute experience and learn about our graduates’ transformative stories first-hand!
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