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Turn Your Pain Into Your Purpose

You’ve reached the final video on your journey in learning how to turn your pain into your purpose.

So far, you’ve learned how your challenges become your greatest teachings and how you then create from that contrast.

Now, you’ll learn how to soar into the Golden Age of coaching that we’ve entered.

This is a new era (that you may not have even heard of) and you can be at the forefront of it.

In other words, you’re spreading your wings at the right place, at the right time, right now.

In this video, Sahara Rose explains exactly what this Golden Era is and what this means for you.

And you’ll also hear from multiple Dharma Coaching Institute alumni. They share with you how DCI changed their lives and helped them align with their soul’s purpose, breaking through the limiting beliefs that had kept them from it. Ultimately, DCI helped them say “Yes!” to their soul’s deepest calling.

Plus, you’ll hear how they used their knowledge gained from DCI to build thriving businesses and to further their careers in ways previously unimaginable to them- from one-on-one coaching, to corporate wellness to retreat to books and beyond. They will give you an intimate look at how DCI was a portal of transformation for them.. and how it can be for you, too.

This docuseries journey might be coming to an end, but this could be just the beginning of your own journey.

If you’re ready to be a pioneer at the cutting edge of this global revolution, then we invite you to soar toward your purpose by becoming a Certified Soul Purpose (Dharma) + Spiritual Life Coach with Dharma Coaching Institute.

You’ll be part of the generation leading the way into the new paradigm.

Your experiences could be the greatest medicine to help others find their purpose, too.

This life is not just for a few of us; it’s for all of us – it’s for you.

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