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Learn How To Enroll Clients For Your Coaching Business In Alignment With Your Values By Using The Energetics Of Sales

Masterclass by Sahara Rose

Step into the sacredness of sales and reframe your
mindset to powerfully share your offer with others.

Now that you’ve invested your time to gain confidence in your role as a coach and sharing your offers with the world, you’re ready to start serving through your gifts and live your dharma.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s very likely that being a coach and helping others is a part of your path.

The next phase of your journey is calling you…

Spend 6 months diving into your own soul’s purpose through the Dharma Discovery Method™ and learn how to apply it to others to create powerful transformation in people’s lives.

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We are the world’s first and only accredited school that double certifies you to become a Soul Purpose (Dharma) + Spiritual Life Coach.

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Within the Dharma Coaching Institute curriculum, we teach you how to build a successful one-on-one coaching practice, how to master social media, podcasting, personal branding, content creation, speaking and beyond to expand your soul-aligned message out into the world with confidence and clarity.

Whether you’re ready to dive deeper into your own purpose or turn it into your career, Dharma Coaching Institute is here to support you in inviting in your full, multidimensional self.

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