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Learn How To Enroll Clients For Your Coaching Business In Alignment With Your Values By Using The Energetics Of Sales

Masterclass by Sahara Rose

In just 90-minutes, step into the sacredness of sales and powerfully share your gifts with the world to attract wealth and abundance.

How do you feel about sales?

For many, the thought of “sales” in coaching can bring to mind slimy,
awkward, or forceful sales tactics and interactions.

In this masterclass, I help you move through a powerful reframe to realize why it’s actually your greatest gift.

Understanding the energetics of sales is the best way that you can set yourself up for success as a coach when trying to connect with new clients in an aligned way.

Create growth for yourself and your business, re-frame your mindset, and transform your relationship to sales.

Dive into your relationship with selling and transform your energy to powerfully share your offer with the world.

Inside this hour and a half masterclass you will:

This is a workshop from the Dharma Coaching Institute curriculum, giving you a taste of the training that awaits!

It’s time to step into the light so the world can benefit from the important work that you offer.

If you want to create impact with your coaching business and reach a wider audience, then this is the workshop for you.

You will be SOUL glad you took this sacred time to change your mindset and invest in the future of your coaching business!

Stop “chasing”, and start attracting.

Shift your energy, mindset, and relationship to sales and begin attracting your dream clients today.

The coaching business of your dreams is waiting for you!

It’s time to say YES to your future.

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