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Find A Certified Soul Purpose (Dharma) and Spiritual Life Coach to Help You Align With Your Highest Purpose

If you are searching for a Certified Soul Purpose (Dharma) and Spiritual Life Coach who can guide you in powerful transformations for your life, you are in the right place. Connect with highly skilled and sought-after Soul Purpose (Dharma) and Spiritual Life Coaches who have gone through the Dharma Coaching Institute certification and are equipped with ancient wisdom, modern psychology, and results-oriented frameworks.

Use the search tool on this page to choose the right coach for you based on your niche. You can also search keywords such as “mother”, “corporate”, “burnout” or “feminine” to find the right coach for your needs and desires. To read their bio and expertise, click on "View Profile".

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Abmari Saez-Millet

Certified Soul Purpose and Transformation Coach & Breathwork Facilitator

Bay Area, California

Adriana Jimenez

High Vibe Coaching & Soul Led Business Mentorship

Monterey, Salinas

Akshiti Kaushik

Dharma Coach


Alexandra Frisby-Smith

Self Discovery & Purpose Coach

New South Wales, Australia

Alexis Burnett

Alignment Coach and Human Design Expert

Alexandria, Virginia

Alexis Trowbridge

Soul Purpose + Spiritual Life Coach

Rapid City

Alice Nigoghossian

Spiritual Life Coach

Toronto, Canada

Alicia Aliz

Spiritual Life Coach & Artist

Arizona, USA

Alyse Kenner

Boundaries & Empowerment Coach

California, USA

Amanda Sevilla

Transformation & Purpose Coach

Los Angeles

Andrea Lee

Accountability Coach

Whistler, Canada

Angelika Lessy

Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Manifestation & Dharma Expert, Breathwork Facilitator

Paris, France

Anisha Chauhan

Holistic Mindset & Purpose Coach


Ariana Lorenz

Spiritual Life & Life Purpose Coach

Munich, Spain

Ashley Diaz

Career Fulfillment Coach

Hoboken, New Jersey


Strategist | Life Coach


Briana Fehringer

Akashic Records Consultant; Soul Purpose and Mindset Coach

Denver, Colorado

Carly Cheton

Business Doula & Brand Strategist

Denver, Colorado

Celine Thompson

Spiritual life path and energy coach


Chris Gates

Spiritual Fitness Coach


Christina Monique

Dharma and Embodiment Coach


Claire Milam

Spiritual Life Coach

Austin, Texas

Courtney Farley

Soul Purpose Coach


Danielle Anson

Spiritual Soul Purpose Coach

Wānaka, New Zealand

Denise Leon

Soul Purpose & Spiritual Life Coach

Miami, USA

Donna Baxter

Soul Purpose Career Coach

Gold Coast

Dorsa Mojtabavi

Mindset + Alignment Coach

Vancouver, Canada

Dr. Rikki Mullen, MD

Relationship, Sex & Intimacy Coach

Los Angeles, California

Eleonora Avramova

Spirit/Dharma Guide

Sofia, Bulgaria

Gabi Rivera - Soulfull Gabi

Astrologer + Spiritual Coach


Gabrielle Tavano

Dharma & Life Purpose Coach, Sound Therapist + Educator

Las Vegas

Gaby Melnick

Soul Purpose & Spiritual Life Coach


Harna Chandra

Mindset & Dharma Coach

Melbourne, Australia

Isabell Herbst

Soul Purpose Coach & Spiritual Life Coach

Hamburg, Germany

Isabella Moldovan

Alignment and Business Coach


Jen Rose Narayan

Career & Purpose Coach


Jenny Wun

Spiritual & Business Transformation Coach


Jess Parvin

Holistic Business & Purpose Coach

Wisconsin, USA

Jess Pavlin

Soul Purpose & Transformation Coach

Toronto, Canada

Jessica Hiermeier

Spiritual Life Coach


Jillian MacKenzie

Certified Dharma and Business Coach


Josine Carla Maria Smid

Entrepreneurial Healing Coach

Malaga, Spain

Julianne Valles

Empowerment Coach

Melbourne, Australia

Kai Simmonds

Soul Purpose Business Coach and Branding Strategist

Dubai, UAE

Kaitlyn Mazzarella

Career Discovery Coach

Austin, Texas

Kira Seale

Purpose & Self Love Coach Kira

New York

Lauren Kelly

Human Design Coach

United Kingdom

Lena Moxon

Spiritual Life Coach & Somatic Activated Healer

Geelong, Australia

Lilia von Paucker

Soulful Mindset and Embodiment Coach

Munich, Germany

Luisa Lucia

Spiritual Life Coach

Los Angeles, California

Lyuba Khilchenko

Certified Women’s Lifestyle Coach and Mindset Mentor

Russia, Moscow

Maiyshla Chunwan

Well-being Coach


Maria Daniela Maldonado

Soul Consultant, Death/Rebirth Doula, Poet Extraordinaire

Miami, English

Marie Gonzalez

Spiritual Life Coach

Tucson, USA

Meg Hatt

Human Design & Spiritual Life Coach

Melbourne, Australia

Megan Lakin

Trauma Coach

Indianapolis, Indiana

Michelle Jaffery

Motherhood identity rediscovery coach


Misha Gilbert

Breathwork Embodiment Coach - Nervous System Regulation

Ontario, Canada

Morgan Boszilkov

Soulwork Coach

Atlanta, Georgia

Morgan Thompson

Spiritual Life Coach

New Orleans, Louisiana

Natalia Gentilcore

Dharma - Life Purpose Coach

London, United Kingdom

Niki Secundino

The Empowerment Witch


Nina Gamell

Certified Dharma and Spiritual Life Coach

Tokyo, Japan

Nina Natland

Soul Purpose Coach


Pamela Rogers

Spiritual Life Purpose Coach

Denham, United Kingdom

Pia Steiner

Pleasure & Spiritual Life Coach

Lisbon, Portugal

Rachael Gibson

Soul Purpose Life Coach

Malmsbury, Australia

Sadie Rowbottom

The Grief Coach


Salisa Sresthaporn

Self Connection Coach

Bangkok, Thailand

Sarah Lockwood

Spiritual Life Coach

New Jersey

Shannon The Good Witch

Brand Photographer & Purpose Coach

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh

Stacey Webb

Intuitive Somatic Mentor and Coach

Sydney, Australia

Tiffany M.E. George

Life Purpose Advocate

San Antonio, Texas

Varalika Wolford

Soul Purpose Life Coach


Vicheth Im

The Awakened Farmer / Energy spiritual life coach


Yi-Mei Lai

Inner Shine & Soul Purpose Coach


Yura Sapi

Visionary Changemaker Coach

New York, USA

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