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Yi-Mei Lai

I’m Mei, and I love sparkly things!

I’ve spent a lifetime dimming my shine because I was afraid to stand out. But deep down, I knew I had more to offer the world. I once had a reading where I was described as ‘a piece of fine jewellery hidden in a wooden box’. My old traumas & conditioning led to a harsh inner critic, people-pleasing, shrinking myself to fit in and a lack of self-love.

I thought I was safe, but hiding in the shadows only made me feel broken and unfulfilled. Now I’m breaking out of my box and I’ve vowed to help others find their way out of the darkness.

Journey with me and I will help you unlock your inner shine by guiding you to find self-love, self-discovery and your soul’s purpose through a combination of coaching, energy healing, human design and astrology.

I love sparkly things… and I would love to see you shine!


I help women in corporate discover their true selves, find self-love and embody their soul purpose


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