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Vicheth Im

Hello, my name is Vicheth Im. I have been a well-known international farmer for over ten years. After instability with the land I was farming on which caused my mental health to decline as well as my partner’s, I lost purpose.
This led me on a healing journey, where I learned about energy healing, and magic and delved into my spirituality.
This path led me to see my version of Neverland, healed money wounds which led me debt free and mother’s earth whispers that called me back to the land.
I help any earth lover longing for permission to believe in magic, heal their wounds through energy, and help them tap into their power and magic to live their best life.


I serve a person who cares about sustainability interested in fantasy and magic and is feeling stuck in their situation ready to make a change by learning about the powers of magic and energy healing.


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