Highest Self Institute

Varalika Wolford

I help women who experience self judgement, self-doubt, anxiety and feel unfulfilled in their everyday lives unify their mind, body, and soul to connect with their divine power within so they can experience joy and alignment with their soul’s yearning in this lifetime. My goal is to guide women to connect with who they truly are, not what societal conditioning tells them to be. I help women align with their authentic self. It is my sincere intention for each client to connect with what excites them and find beauty in this life.

As a first-generation immigrant, I have utmost empathy for women who are immigrants and are going through cultural transitions. As a mother who worked with corporate World for 20 years, I hope to hold space for women who feel a major shift in their identity or level of ambition. I use yoga therapy and integrative coaching, to help my client uncover the stories holding back from living her best self and help her connect with her Soul’s purpose in a given phase of life so she is in alignment with her truth.


I help women find their radiance and step into their power by understanding themselves and embodying their Soul’s purpose/Dharma.


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