Highest Self Institute

Tiffany M.E. George

We all deserve happiness & the more we all step into our gifts, the more beautiful the world will be. The self-healing journey can be lonely and hard at times–community is crucial. I am here to help raise the collective consciousness. I guide burnt out professionals in finding their truth again: their passions, what ignites them, what you were destined to do in this lifetime. This is a one-month program, ‘TRUTH’, where we utilize astrology, human design, and/or ikigai. Once we solidify your truth, we will find and work through the shadows in ‘BONES’ that hold you back from pursuing your destiny. We do this via 3-6 months of shadow work, depending on which program you choose (BONES: 3 months or FREEDOM: 6 months). The third program, ‘FREEDOM’, will give you the empowerment, knowledge, & confidence you need to move forward in your pursuit.


I guide professionals in finding their purpose and the bones that hold them back from pursuing those.


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