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Nina Gamell

I’m a Japanese American double certified dharma (soul purpose) and spiritual life coach trained under the Dharma Coaching Institute (DCI). Before enrolling in DCI, I’ve always been active in the spaces of personal and spiritual growth practicing yoga, dance, and Vipassana meditation.
Since discovering my dharma, I’ve been leading coaching programs, events, workshops, and retreats in Asia. In addition to my love for coaching, I’m a PhD candidate researching identity politics, nationhood, and belonging at a university based in Japan. I help people who have struggled with their identities (e.g., national, ethnic, bicultural, EXPATS) learn to live a life that is guided by their hearts and fueled by compassion and love. ❤️
My method is supported by frameworks learned in the Dharma Coaching Institute (Dharma Discovery, Dharma Blueprint, Chakra System, Embodiment tools, Nervous System Regulation, Shadow and Inner Child Work.)


I specialize in helping people who are high achievers with Asian backgrounds slow down and build a home within themselves through acceptance, compassion, joy, and playfulness.

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