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Misha Gilbert

I began taking yoga classes over 15 years ago. My yoga practice stoked a passion within to become a Yoga Instructor. I have been a Yoga Instructor for 15 years now! Becoming a Breathwork Embodiment Coach was a natural progression on my path of self-discovery. This path has been full of peaks, valleys, canyons and pockets of peace. A few years ago, I went through fire after fire. My body shut down and I was practically paralyzed. The medical system had ZERO answers and I felt completely lost and hopeless. I began exploring holistic modalities and started to heal. This part of my path highlighted how disembodied I was. I was disconnected from my heart & my body. I was not listening to my emotions as I had NO idea how to process emotions or cope. Through my continued yoga and breathwork practices, I started becoming more and more aware that I was my own medicine. I was inspired to share my healing journey with others. I became a Breathwork Facilitator & Energy Healer, which led to the Dharma Coaching Course, which led to the Embodiment Coaching Course! I learned how to process emotions, how to befriend emotions, and how to release the emotions that do not serve my highest self. Nervous System regulation was the solid foundation on which I have built EVERYTHING! I had heard about nervous system regulation, but I had NO idea HOW to regulate! I researched tirelessly (and continue to do so!) so that I could learn how, and now I teach others!! I am thrilled to now be strong, healthy, and full of peace. I have a loving and fiery passion for helping others find their power and peace, and I would be honored to work with you.


Breathwork Embodiment Coaching is learning how to regulate the nervous system to put the body into a safe place to process emotions. A typical session begins with a brief introduction, Breathwork to regulate the nervous system, building rapport, locating emotions in the body and then expressing emotions through breath, shaking, toning, dancing – whatever the body needs to release. The session wraps up with leaning into joy and forward emotion/motion. Nervous system regulation is an excellent foundation on which to build ANY goal! Book a discovery call, let’s talk about what YOUR goals are!


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