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Meg Hatt

Hey beautiful souls! I’m Meg, 1/3 Mental Projector. My passion is to empower, teach and guide through the powerful lens of Human Design and Gene Keys, which I believe are the most effective tools for self-discovery and spiritual growth.

I help people truly understand themselves and their deepest nature. We explore my clients hidden shadows, their natural gifts, and the expression of their greatest potential. This is a huge journey of awareness that my clients take with me. In doing so, they are empowered to see what’s holding them back, and how to live a joyful and fulfilling life.

You can work with me by booking my Human Design chart reading called, ‘Unearthing Your Magic’, or my current coaching program, combining concepts from HD, GK and Dharma Blueprint: ‘From Shadow to Gift’.

Self awareness is the most powerful thing we can possess. I’m here to help you harness your power.


I guide people on their personal growth journey, who are becoming conscious to the abundance of life and the power of spirituality. These people know and feel there is more to life than what we were all taught. These people want to trust their inner guidance and break out of societal norms. They want to feel more joy and purpose and know they need to break old habits and prioritise themselves to do this.


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