Highest Self Institute

Maiyshla Chunwan

My mission is to make people feel seen, heard and valued.
Our coaching sessions flow according to each individual client’s pace and needs–and you decide which area of well-being you’d like us to focus on. I also use a mix of mental well-being techniques, meditation, breath work, spirituality and human design. We work on implementing healthier habits.
Through sessions with me, you’ll receive clarity and understand your inner self better. Your perspectives will shift. You’ll learn how to set boundaries, and how to honor yourself. You’ll start to feel a sense of joy, and take better care of yourself. You’ll understand your purpose and how to live in alignment with it.
The Sunshine Spell is casted when you connect to your authentic self.


I help university students, young professionals, and changemakers to move from burnout to balance by aligning with their purpose.


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