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Lena Moxon

Lena Moxon, a modern mystic and versatile visionary, transcends her artistic and spiritual roles to radiate transformative energy. Trained by luminaries like Sah D’Simone and Tony Robbins, Lena seamlessly blends ancient wisdom with contemporary coaching methodologies as a Somatic Activated Healer and Soul Purpose & Spiritual Life coach. Beyond her spiritual pursuits, Lena is recognized for her service and commitment to community well-being, actively contributing to initiatives promoting social and emotional regulation. Her dedication reflects a belief in the holistic potential of spirituality for personal growth and community development. As a mentor, Lena encourages clients to not only discover themselves but also contribute to others’ well-being. Through her coaching, offerings, and active leadership, Lena Moxon leaves a positive imprint, inspiring transformative journeys that create a ripple effect of change in both individual lives and communities at large.


Lena Moxon seamlessly integrates ancient wisdom and contemporary coaching methodologies, fostering transformative journeys for individuals seeking holistic empowerment. She powerfully amplifies the courage and conviction of women ready to be fully expressed in all areas of their lives.


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