Highest Self Institute

Isabell Herbst

I help women discover their soul’s purpose, lead them from confusion to clarity, from overwhelm to calm, from body disconnection to embodiment.

As a double certified Soul Purpose Coach and Spiritual Life Coach, a Yin Yoga teacher, and with my experience as a teacher for 7 years I guide you through methods of emotional self-regulation, chakra clearing, shadow work and embodiment techniques to prepare you holistically for living your soul’s purpose.


I help female college graduates and female young professionals who are overwhelmed and burnt-out by life find self-worth and support them to discover and embody their soul’s purpose.

I support you in finally freeing yourself from the negative thought spirals holding you back from living the most magical life you can imagine. Let’s dream big! Because I hold a safe space where you can express your wildest dreams with an empathic and enthusiastic coach.

Let’s imagine your dream life together: if I gave you a magic wand, what would a life LIVING your purpose look like? I support you in creating the wonderful life you are WORTHY of.


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