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Dr. Rikki Mullen, MD

Dr. Rikki, at 37, faced a life-changing breast cancer scare, catalyzing a shift from a seemingly perfect existence to embracing depth, authenticity, and intimacy. This pivotal moment led to a spiritual and sexual awakening, guiding her to become a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach. With a rich medical background from USC and Cedars-Sinai, focusing on women’s health, and extensive training in coaching methodologies from Somatica Institute, VITA Method, Dharma Coaching Institute, and The Institute for Coaching Mastery, Dr. Rikki merges science, spirituality, and deep empathy in her coaching. She employs visualizations, meditations, inner child work, and breathwork to empower clients toward self-discovery, breaking down barriers, and embracing desires. Now re-married and living her dream, she embodies transformation and manifestation, dedicated to guiding others on their journeys to authenticity, intimacy, pleasure, empowerment, and fulfillment. Dr. Rikki’s path showcases the power of living a life aligned with one’s truth, advocating for intimacy in all relationships.


I work with couples and individuals looking to deepen their intimacy and connection with themselves and/or in relationship (including manifesting the one and repairing lost passion or desire mismatch in relationship) through utilizing conscious awareness, therapeutic tools, somatic tools, tantra and neotantra principles, embodiment practices, breathwork, visualization and meditation.


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