Highest Self Institute

Dorsa Mojtabavi

I am a mindset and alignment coach, dedicated to helping people rewrite and transform their stories around self-love, self-worth, and the limiting beliefs that hold them back from experiencing the relationships they desire. Transforming the narrative around relating to others is my life’s work. Having done this for myself, I realized my passion for sharing this wisdom with others, guiding them to transform their own stories around love and relationships.

My approach is multifaceted and tailored to each individual. I support my clients using a variety of methods, including the chair method, mirroring principle, astrology, and many other modalities I’ve explored over the years. By integrating these diverse techniques, I can address the unique challenges and goals of each person I work with, providing a comprehensive and holistic coaching experience. My mission is to empower others to achieve deep, meaningful connections and live their most authentic, fulfilling lives.


I help people seeking love, belonging, and connection, or those wanting more harmony in their relationships, transform their limiting beliefs and rewrite their stories around these themes. Together, we create a new reality in this vital area of their lives.


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