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Donna Baxter

I left my Human Resources corporate career and now coaching for women is what my business is built on where I help them get out of the rut of an unfulfilling career, to find their purpose.

I help to remove those limiting beliefs that have been holding them back from a life of abundance and fulfilment and turn these into empowering beliefs that will completely transform their life.

I also specialize in Human Design which is a powerful tool that enables people to truly understand who they are and to make intuitive decisions that feel right – enabling them to live their life authentically and on their terms.

I am passionate about coaching and teaching people about this because it transformed my life and I know it works. I would never have taken the leap of faith to leave my 9 to 5 if I had not learned first to deal with the fears that kept me stuck in a career that no longer fulfilled me.


I am a Soul Purpose Career Coach, helping women break free from unfulfilling careers that no longer align with their values.


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