Highest Self Institute

Denise Leon

As a former people pleaser stuck in survival mode for years, my liberation came from truly choosing myself and committing to the necessary changes to turn my life around. I am now devoted to serving others on a similar journey. I help women cultivate their own deep sense of worth, transform unhealthy coping mechanisms, and reignite their soul’s purpose using different methods including: shadow-work, emotional regulation, ancestral healing, astrology, self-devotional practices, and dharma discovery tools.


I help women who are healing from generational trauma and/or toxic relationships. We work together to break cycles that have kept you stuck repeating patterns that don’t serve you, in order to create a thriving and fulfilling life following what lights you up. I am here to hold a safe space for where you are, guide you towards your highest timeline, and remind you that you are capable of the life and love of your dreams – it all begins with the relationship you have with yourself.


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