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Celine Thompson

Hi! I am a unicorn, a quirky soul born in Hawaii and currently living in France, where I paint, dance, swim, sing, cook and take care of my garden and my family with the help of a very big and cuddly cat who thinks he is a guard dog…
My life is devoted to creating spaces and times where people can be fully themselves and connect to the universe, including dances, retreats, coaching programs and things…
My “”thing”” is to help people who feel “”different”” see their aligned path and shine in the world, finding harmony and lasting strenght in the process, through my special program based on time tested coaching tools, intuitive guidance, and loving support from nature (I am also a certified aromatherapist and herbal healing practicioner).
My approach is said to be warm, calming, very open minded, providing clarity and serenity to those I help.


I help people who feel “different” find their aligned path and shine in the world, such as neurodivergent or uniquely gifted individuals.


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