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Ashley Diaz

If you’re here, you’ve probably felt lost and stuck in life when it comes to your career and have probably been so confused as to what you’re meant to do here on this earth. You feel unfulfilled consistently at the job you are at now and/or you’re not sure what kind of career you would like. You get the sense that you are meant for something bigger and greater but are having trouble figuring out what that really looks like and how to put it into action. I was there myself. I spent my whole academic life preparing for law school because it made my parents happy. I then made a sudden switch into wine marketing and became a marketing manager for 4 years, where I was able to experience fun opportunities but also went through the burnout and the struggles of the corporate world. When i found coaching, i had never felt so certain about anything in my life. My intuition had spoken to me loud and clear. I now wake up excited every day to go to work and I would like to help you find the career that fulfills you in the same way. My name is Ashley and I help women experience magical transformation by connecting them to their intuition to become career alchemists. I’m excited to be your guide in this journey ✨


I help women alchemize their careers and find clarity in their purpose.


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