Highest Self Institute

Ariana Lorenz

I help people who strive to life their most fulfilling, successful & purposeful life to embody their greatness and discover their full potential through overcoming inner & outer blockages (unhealthy relationships, limiting beliefs, fears etc.), creating unshakable self-confidence and finding & acting on their purpose. We’ll really look at what is your most authentic expression in this world, what are your true desires and visions for your life and how you can practically run towards this dream life that is definitely possible for everyone, meaning also for you!
After figuring out what is holding you back (e.g. traumatic experiences, external expectations etc.) we’ll dive into the science of YOU, what makes you come alive and what you want to share with this world while creating a loving, profound and healing container for you to feel safe, seen, held and also challenged every now and then. Let’s do this my love!


I help people who strive to live their most happy, successful & purposeful life to find & follow their purpose, create unshakable self-confidence and overcoming old roadblocks like childhood trauma, limiting beliefs and hindering habits.


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