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Adriana Jimenez

In a challenging upbringing, I quickly embraced resilience, strength, and hyper-responsibility, turning adversity into valuable life lessons. Despite facing family addiction, grief, burnout, anxiety, and shame, these experiences became powerful guides, steering me toward an expansive life enriched with love, motherhood, and successful business ownership.
In today’s fast-paced world, many women find themselves disconnected from their emotions, bodies, and creative passions. Social conditions and emotional repression have led to a generation of exhausted, confused, and isolated women and mothers. Many feel lost, doubt their worth, engage in people-pleasing, or struggle with establishing boundaries. Recognizing these challenges, my mission is to help you rediscover the most crucial relationship – the one with YOURSELF! I am here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, empowering you to confidently step into the vibrant new life that awaits you.


High Vibe Transformational Coach, Empowerment Coach, Embodiment Coach, Business Mentor, Professional Trainer.
I empower women and conscious business leaders to reconnect to their bodies and break free from overthinking through embodied awareness and post-traumatic growth.
I believe EVERYTHING comes back to connection and self-love; once we can love ourselves, even the dark, seemingly unlovable parts, we expand, exponentially in life and business. Through soul-led coaching, you can get crystal clear on your purpose and vision.
Improve your self-relationship and break through anxious mindsets. Understand your emotional programs and conditions to transform pains into purpose and learn to love your darkness with shadow integration. Master body love and self-love to express yourself with confidence and clarity and finally embody your truest self.


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