Highest Self Institute

Abmari Saez-Millet

As a student of life and purpose since childhood, I have experienced and chosen to go through deep personal self-inquiry. As a victor of childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences, this life has drawn me to help other women who are on the healing path and are ready to move from the cycle of doubt, fear, anxiety, and trauma to break free from the bondage and step into their power, to be the fullest expression of their soul in every room they step into through the use of ancient and modern tools, including Breathwork, Yoga philosophy, energy healing, goal setting, workshops, guided meditations, and an ounce of tough love ❤️


I help people who experience burnout and anxiety and feel unfulfilled in their everyday lives reconnect and unify their mind, body, and soul to arrive at bliss so they can experience joy in the mundane and the awe-inspiring. My goal is to guide individuals to rediscover who they truly are, not what the outside world tells them to be and permit them to dance to the beat of their own drum so they can be the full expression of themselves.


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