Highest Self Institute

Salisa Sresthaporn

Growing up in Thailand, I experienced firsthand the pressures of societal and parental expectations. While these pressures often come from a place of love, they can restrict our confidence in expressing ourselves authentically, particularly under the ‘good girl’ image that many of us are conditioned to uphold. This upbringing led me to prioritize logical thinking over listening to my body’s wisdom.

Overcoming personal challenges, I discovered the importance of integrating mind and body in my journey of self-discovery. As a Psychology graduate and certified Embodiment & Spiritual Life Coach, I guide women to embrace a holistic approach to self-awareness. My method taps into the inner wisdom we all possess, empowering women to harness their inner power and take control of their lives to uncover the freedom they hold within.


I specialize in helping women from Asian backgrounds discover their true selves amidst the constant pressure of societal and parental expectations. I empower them to become their own anchor and make decisions that align with their authentic selves, fostering a sense of freedom and self-fulfillment.


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