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You’d serve best as an Empathetic
Soul Purpose + Spiritual Life Coach

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Empathetic Soul Purpose + Spiritual Life Coach

With all of your grounded Kapha (earth) energy, you would make for an incredible Empathetic Soul Purpose + Spiritual Life Coach.

This career path would allow you the space to use your warm, caring nature and share that love with others.

You are empathetic, heart-centered, compassionate, and nurturing. People are naturally drawn to you when they’re seeking support and others easily gravitate to you for loving advice and a shoulder to lean on.

You have the gift of the Nurturer Dharma Archetype from my own Dharma Archetype Quiz, with the ability to connect and dive deep with almost anyone. You have a natural Oprah-like energy to you that allows you to sit with anyone and have an authentic conversation to take them deeper into their soul.
You know you have a gift of supporting others, but you might question whether or not you’re capable. You may also feel bad charging for your time and advice because you know how much it helps others. You are a natural space-holder and likely looking for a way to translate your nurturing gifts into a career.
Don’t worry – I got you!
Here’s how we will empower your strong empathetic energy in Dharma Coaching Institute:

Tackling Limiting Beliefs

You might be having thoughts like “Who am I to become a coach?” “Do I even have time for this?” “Am I good enough to support others?”

At Dharma Coaching Institute (DCI), we have a curriculum that focuses specifically on the mindset obstacles that we face in coaching and even in our personal lives. You will be equipped with the tools to blast through your fears, societal pressures, worrying about what other people think, and so much more. It’s time to face your limiting beliefs so you can finally create the career of your dreams!

Managing Emotional Grit

You’re probably someone with a big loving heart and at times, it’s easy to get caught up and stuck in your emotions. Life will always have its ups and downs, but the key is to utilize your challenges to dig deep and drive your transformation.

Our fellow founder, Dr. Neeta Bhushan, is an expert in this subject and we spend a whole week discussing emotional management and healing. DCI dives into heart medicine, connecting to your inner child, emotional self-regulation, and more. Once you master your emotions, you are unstoppable!

Setting Boundaries

You likely put others before yourself, but in order to honor your own energy it’s important to remember to practice boundaries. Before you pour into someone else’s cup, you have to make sure yours is full first – you cannot be everything to everyone.

At DCI, we teach the delicate balance of creating boundaries as a coach so you don’t feel like someone is taking advantage of your kindness or talking your ear off without taking aligned action. We even dive into energetic hygiene and how to remain energetically balanced as a coach so you can feel empowered in your coaching career.

​​By the end of the certification, you will feel confident to use your empathetic gifts in a fulfilling career as a Soul Purpose & Spiritual Life Coach, like hundreds of our students have.

Why Dharma Coaching Institute?

Dharma Coaching Institute is the first and only institute out there that graduates Certified Soul Purpose (Dharma) + Spiritual Life Coaches. Not only will you graduate as a Certified Dharma Coach, but it’s also a double certification for becoming a Spiritual Life Coach.
This is the most comprehensive Soul Purpose + Spiritual Life Coaching training, combining the best of Dharma Coaching, emotional psychology training, online business training and development, spiritual coaching, embodiment, somatics, Human Design, and feminine / masculine integration.
You will walk away from this experience in full alignment with your own dharma and be ready to support others with theirs, which can translate into careers in one-on-one coaching, group coaching, online programs, speaking, corporate events, retreats, books, and other avenues.

Neeta, Ajit, and I all did it ourselves and DCI graduates have too.

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