Highest Self Institute

Adriana Jimenez

In a challenging upbringing, I quickly embraced resilience, strength, and hyper-responsibility, turning adversity into valuable life lessons. Despite facing family addiction, grief, burnout, anxiety, and shame, these experiences became powerful guides, steering me toward an expansive life enriched with love, motherhood, and successful business ownership. In today’s fast-paced world, many women find themselves disconnected from … Read more

Luisa Lucia

I am a Human Design & Gene Keys specialist first and foremost. This foundation provides the ultimate framework for deep soul awareness. From there I incorporate targeted modalities (embodiment, reiki, tantra, etc) to support your healing and expansion. Specialty I help people from all walks of life to get clear and align with their deep … Read more

Amanda Sevilla

I help women reconnect to their life Purpose, find a satisfying career path, & build deep rooted confidence. Not only do I guide them through the Dharma Discovery Framework to reconnect to their Purpose with clarity, but I also draw from my expertise as an Āyurvedic Registered Dietitian, yoga teacher, business owner, content creator for … Read more

Abmari Saez-Millet

As a student of life and purpose since childhood, I have experienced and chosen to go through deep personal self-inquiry. As a victor of childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences, this life has drawn me to help other women who are on the healing path and are ready to move from the cycle of doubt, … Read more

Gaby Melnick

ICF accredited and double certified Purpose Coach + Spiritual Life Coach who will guide and inspire you to find your purpose, live your highest potential, and lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life. I will meet you where you are and where you want to go, while creating a safe space where you feel heard … Read more


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