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How to discover your true purpose, and create a career aligned with your soul


How to discover your true purpose, and create a career aligned with your soul

Join co-founder of The Dharma Coaching Institute, Sahara Rose in this brand new 3 part video series to help you connect with your purpose and launch a lucrative and fulfilling career that you love.

In this FREE, 3 part video series you’ll discover how to:


How To Create A Thriving Career In Alignment With Your True Purpose -

Discover why the old rules no longer apply and why today you must follow your heart in order to find true success, abundance, joy and fulfilment


Discover Your Unique & Aligned Career Path Using The 5 Step Dharma Blueprint -

Use my simple and astonishingly accurate blueprint to find a career path that will allow you to live in abundance, while remaining aligned with your true purpose, passions and gifts


Overcome The #1 Obstacle Holding You Back From Thriving In Your Purpose -

How to stop holding yourself back, and begin taking aligned, confident and empowered action towards your most abundant future.
Hey, I’m Sahara.
Hey, I’m Sahara.

I didn’t always know my purpose. In fact, it was my life’s greatest question. I was confused, uncertain about my path, unsure which step to take. All I knew was that I was here to help others and raise the vibration of the planet. 

That intuitive instinct led me on the journey of spirituality as I discovered my dharma, soul’s purpose, and ended up creating the business and career of my dreams. I can’t wait to show you how I did it, so you can do it too.

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