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You Are Allowed
To Be Multidimensional

A 3-Part Docuseries on creating a life and career that expresses your full self, where you can be paid to be you.
Do you have trouble defining yourself in an 180 bio and feel ready to break free from society’s expectations that you have to just be one thing? Then this docuseries is for you.


VIDEO 1: Who am I? A soul.

Join Sahara in her beachfront home in Miami as she opens up and shares a major epiphany she had in her career breaking free from what was “expected” from her as an Ayurveda author and how she’s evolved her career to allow her to share the different sides of herself as a spiritual podcast host, DJ, Dharma Coaching Institute founder, speaker, embodiment guide and beyond.
If you’re felt contained by society expecting you to just do and be one thing– this episode will hit home for you.

VIDEO 2: Creating a Career Around Being Yourself

The new paradigm is all about embracing your full spectrum and all your distinct and seemingly “random” life experiences. You are a multifaceted and multilayered person with deep wisdom that others can benefit from. It just takes understanding the value you hold.
In part two of the docuseries, Sahara shares how you can create a career where you share your unique life experiences and get paid to be you.

VIDEO 3: We Ain’t In The Information Age Anymore, Honey!

Discover the new era we’ve shifted into in the last decade (you’ve likely never even heard of this before).
In this video, Sahara shares the current unspoken revolution we are in and what this transition means for careers in the future and how you can be at the forefront of it.

Ready to create a life that honors your multidimensional self?

This 3 part docuseries is the first step to making it happen… all you have to do is say yes to the possibility.
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Meet Sahara Rose

Join best-selling author, podcast host + Dharma Coaching Institute founder Sahara Rose, who’s been called “a leading voice in the millennial generation” by Deepak Chopra, as she shares her own journey of unraveling the different sides of herself.. And gives you the permission slip (that you never really needed) to do the same, in your unique way.
She shares her story about how she felt confined by her past career path and how she’s been able to break free from the expectations to include her creative and spiritual self into her career (dj gigs included!)
She then breaks down how it’s possible for you to build your soulmate career that invites the whole you and in fact, that’s part of your dharma, soul’s purpose. She also explains the massive unspoken revolution we are in and how gaining awareness of this can put you as the forefront of this new paradigm shift.
Here are just a few projects Sahara has successfully created by embracing her multidimensionality and living her dharma:

Ready to finally live your dharma and
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