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About our double certification

Structure of Our Double Certification

This is not one of those programs where you’re given a log-in and never talk to anyone again. You’ll be on live calls with us every week for the duration of the certificate, with ourselves personally and coaches who will know your name and be available to support you in the process. Here’s what’s awaiting you inside:

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Course curriculum (36 hours)

A robust curriculum that features 60+ videos of teaching, training, and coaching demonstrations with Sahara Rose, Ajit Nawalkha, and Dr. Neeta Bhushan throughout the different modalities of the Dharma Principles, the Dharma Foundational elements, intuition, psychosomatics, emotional psychology, core coaching competencies, business and practice training and much, much more. 

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Weekly commitments for your growth (30 hours of study)

On our weekly live group calls, you will have ample opportunity to ask us questions, as well as practice your new coaching skills with your designated Dharma Pod and be mentored with our coach training facilitators. With approximately 2 hours of additional self study and practice time weekly. You will have access to watch, rewatch, relisten, and download guides, worksheets along with submitting assignments to ensure your learning and knowledge of the material is being met and supported. 

Practice + Integration (20 hours)

This is where you will utilize your worksheets, templates and tools to begin integrating in your practice pods weekly, along with reflection time to integrate with your own experiences and how you wish to create your practice. 

Coaching Hours (20 hours )

You will be able to practice your newfound coaching skills within your Dharma Coaching pods weekly to be used toward your Dharma Coaching Institute certification. 

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