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Sahara Rose

Sahara Rose is the best-selling author of Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose, A Yogic Path Deck + Journal, Eat Feel Fresh and The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda with forewords all written by the eminent Dr. Deepak Chopra who proclaimed her “a leading voice of the millennial generation into the new paradigm.”

She is the host of the Highest Self, the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes with over 25 million downloads and 4000+ 5 star reviews. She is the founder of Rose Gold Goddesses, a divine feminine mystery school honoring the Goddess within, with over 2000 members.
A world-renowned expert in Dharma, Ayurveda and spirituality, Sahara has devoted the last decade of her life and over 20,000 hours of tireless writing, speaking, and teaching to raise the vibration of the planet. She has empowered millions to discover their dharma so they can create conscious abundance, joy, freedom and purpose in their lives and collectively raise the vibration of the planet.
Sahara has been featured on world-renowned media channels including the cover of Yoga Journal and within Forbes, Vogue, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and NBC. As a top-ranked speaker, she’s graced the stages of Google, Facebook and major conferences. She believes in making the spiritual journey fun + relatable, and she’ll be bringing her humor, DJ skills and dance moves to the Dharma Coaching Institute.

Sahara Rose

Ajit nawlakha

Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha is the co-founder of Evercoach by Mindvalley, the world’s leading coach training platform that’s impacted over 150,000+ coaches and leaders (and counting).
Ajit is the best-selling co-author of go-to coach’s manuals — The Book of Coaching and The Business Book of Coaching. He is also the most positively reviewed coach trainer in the world with over 1000+ glowing reviews for his coach training programs.
As a highly sought-after business coach with over 10 years of hands-on experience, Ajit works with some of the greatest business leaders and entrepreneurs on the planet, while building multiple successful companies of his own.
He is a master leadership, management, mindset, product, team and marketing coach and he’s successfully taken companies from the start-up stage all the way to the $10 million mark in revenue.

Dr.Neeta Bhushan

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a former cosmetic dentist turned best-selling author, international speaker, serial entrepreneur, sought-after leadership coach, and trainer. Founder of the Global GRIT Institute and 3x time author of the best-selling books Emotional GRIT: 8 Steps to Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Thoughts, and Change Your World, The Book of Coaching, and The Business Book of coaching.

Neeta left her large dental practice to transform smiles from the inside out; a journey which took her across 45 countries developing research that powerfully blends the fields of human behavior, ancient eastern philosophy and therapeutic psychology.
Sparked by her own life experiences overcoming multiple extreme adversities, including being orphaned at a young age, surviving an abusive marriage of domestic violence, and overcoming extensive loss, her breakthrough research in Emotional Grit has been endorsed & utilized by renowned leaders, corporations, students and organizations around the world.

Francesca Facio

Francesca Facio is a Human Optimization Master Coach and Pranic healer.
She combines the Western practices of coaching with the Eastern practices of healing to help her clients find their life purpose, ignite their passion and take the steps towards their personal freedom.
Using her 8 years of experience with coaching, her knowledge of the chakras, crystals, tarot and energy management, she helps her clients understand themselves on a deeper level, and be able to manifest their dream life into reality.

Shanita Liu

Shanita Liu, MPA, CPC is a first-generation Indo-Caribbean American born and raised in Queens, New York. As the Chief Energy Officer of Coach Shanita, Inc. and teaches people how to activate courage and say bye to burnout. She leverages her skills as a certified life coach, facilitator, TEDx speaker, and integrative reiki healer to show people how to tune in and reconnect to their courage, power, and strength so that they can stop sacrificing themselves and start transforming what’s in their hearts into realities.
Shanita received her bachelor’s degree in English from Wheaton College (MA) and her master’s degree in Public Administration from NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service. Her career path includes organizing local and international multicultural events, building national college-to-career success programs for first-generation and low-income youth, and professional salsa dancing. Shanita is a Fulbright Scholar (Hong Kong), veteran spouse, mother, and contributing writer for various platforms that include Forbes, Thrive Global, and Brown Girl Magazine. When Shanita is not empowering people or taking care of her 3 little warriors, she’s indulging in 90’s music and milk chocolate.
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