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The Dharma Coaching Institute

The World’s First And Only Dharma Coaching Double-Certification Experience.

The Dharma Coaching Institute Syllabus is a deeply transformational experience that covers 8 stages leading you through life-changing dharma principles and coaching tools + practices for profound success and abundance…

This program is packed with actionable, interactive weekly lessons, live calls and experiential peer-coaching where you can practice your skills in real-time.

In just 6 months, you could have a new career as a confident Certified Dharma Coach. Plus this is a unique double-certification program so upon graduation, you will be able to call yourself a:
Dharma Coaching Institute
Dharma Coaching Institute

Dharma Certified Coach


Spiritual Life Coach

As a certified coach from the Dharma Coaching Institute you’ll learn how to work with clients on a very high level using the combined wisdom and transformational power of holistic tools from a variety of Eastern and Western traditions including:


Chakras + Koshas

Intuitive + Spiritual Life Coaching

Human Design

Somatics + Embodiment

Feminine + Masculine Integration

Meditation + Visualization

Human Psychology + Cross-Cultural Understanding

Higher Brain Thinking

Emotional Management

Marketing + Coaching Tools

All of this is paired with structured and grounded business tools and techniques, coaching methods and results-oriented frameworks so you can build a successful, abundant coaching business from the ground up even if you’re new to entrepreneurship.

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