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“Being mentored by Sahara has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life..”

Being mentored by Sahara has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life! She has helped me step into my purpose, work with my dream clients and create a life of joy and abundance! The moment I heard about Dharma Coaching Institute, I was an instant YES because I know how impactful her coaching is!” I had been searching for a certification that encompassed a soulful component, a mixture of Eastern and Western practice, as well as a business course. Sahara has developed this perfect blend of the two with the most amazing coaches including herself! At exactly the right time in the current state of the planet, what we need most is coaches to help us find our true soul’s purpose! Thank you Sahara!

Stacey H, Yoga Teacher + Health Coach

“Sahara’s program transformed the way I thought about life and business…”

“The knowledge Sahara has brought to my life and business in the last 6 months has been INCOMPARABLE to anything I would have learned on my own. Being a driven woman in her 30’s, I was tired of feeling burnt out in my business and my relationships. The Highest Self podcast was the tip of the iceberg. Sahara’s program transformed the way I thought about life and business. Finally, making the decision to join be coached by Sahara has TRULY changed me forever. I no longer feel like I’m running on a hamster wheel and disrupting my health, rather working from a soul-centered place and still FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL.
Sacrificing financial success was one of my hesitations to ‘slowing down.’ But Sahara’s teaching on doshas, dharma and alignment have taken those worries right out. I understand myself as an entrepreneur and as a woman. Life changing!!!
I wish I learned this all sooner and I’m only imagining what my life will be like 1, 2, 5 years from now. I know Sahara will be in my life for a long time, and HOPE to have the privilege of collaborating with her one day!”
Asma K, Active Kinetix
“Sahara’s program transformed the way I thought about life and business…”
“You have changed my life forever! The way you have guided me to discover my dharma through the questions you asked really brought me some new visions I had NEVER seen in my future. It was so powerful. Such great work and excited to see what you offer as a certification!”
“I just wanted to message you and let you know how much you changed my life. Finding my dharma has been super hard for me and I didn’t realize others felt the same way. You let me know I wasn’t crazy for quitting my soul crushing job in the middle of a pandemic. You helped me to know that the feelings inside myself were not wrong and they were pushing me into my dharma. I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your gifts so I could find mine.”
“Sahara came into my life in a time that I wasn’t sure what I was going to do or if I even had a purpose. She helped me put together the different pieces of the puzzle and create a thriving, agliend career for myself where I use my gifts everyday on a mission that is important for me. My life has truly transformed on every level and I highly recommend anyone work with her to finally LIVE your purpose. Thank you Sahara!”
Ariana E., Social Media + Marketing Manager
“Ajit and Neeta truly become your extended family.. ”
They will elevate your life and business. Don’t hesitate to invest in yourself with this dynamic duo. The love and energy both Ajit and Neeta provide as coaches is ridiculously moving. Masters of their craft, they create a magical and transformative process that truly drops you into action and accountability. They are the kind of coaches the world needs more of today. I’m grateful to have them as my mentors. Not only was I able to channel my highest self and move past many limiting beliefs and blockages, I was able to connect with a global peer group and make lasting relationships. The best part is Ajit and Neeta truly become your extended family.
Nicole Medina-Coach, Mindvalley Master Certified Trainer
“Big hearts that are truly convicted to making you shine..”
Big hearts that are truly convicted to making you shine. With Neeta + Ajit, you can’t ask for a better team that not only is wise and equipped with ALL of the tools for your business, but that actually care for the mission that you stand for in the world. Generous humans, you would be lucky if you work with them.

Nitasha Sarin

Founder Empowered 360 & Global Changemakers
“Sahara’s program transformed the way I thought about life and business…”
What can I say, both Neeta + Ajit came at a time when I was so ready to transition. I was a burnt out physician ready for my next chapter, ready to share my wisdom with the world but since med school doesn’t teach any kind of business with Neeta’s background in healthcare and business, and Ajit’s force for scaling and creating systems I knew I was getting the best of both worlds. Very excited for my next chapter in life thanks to these two!
Dr. Marie Mbouni
Healer & Spiritual Teacher
“I’m beyond grateful for being able to work with Neeta & Ajit..”
I’m beyond grateful for being able to work with Neeta & Ajit. They have truly changed my life in more ways I can count. As a retired first-responder I wanted to serve a bigger purpose and did not know how. Through their motto ‘serve love’ I was able to finally see that loving myself first would completely change the way I was meant to serve others. Now, I’m on the greatest journey of my life spiritually which has allowed me to focus on my health and be a beacon of light of others struggling with weight loss and identity to do the same. Thank you, you both are such angels.
Annette P Cruz, Coach
“Learning from Ajit and Neeta has given me the strength and power..”
Transformative, powerful, and truly a new beginning. After going through a major loss I needed to rediscover myself once again. Learning from Ajit and Neeta has given me the strength and power to not only give myself a second chance being older than my peers, but also such confidence to change the stigma of how others view coaching and healing. What a gift!
Nanda B, Leadership Coach
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