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You would make an incredible Dharma and Spiritual Life Coach!

And with all your Kapha Earth Energy, the title Soul Purpose Coach or Intuitive Life Coach would be completely aligned for you!

Let me guess- whenever you go to a party, someone finds you and tells you their life story and thanks you for being so easy to talk to!

You are empathic, intuitive and kind-hearted. You have a natural energy to you that draws people to you when they’re seeking support. People can feel your warm heart and gravitate to you for compassionate advice and a shoulder to lean on.

You have the gift of the Nurturer Dharma Archetype, with the ability to connect with almost anyone and dive deep into the matters of the heart, which is perfect for having your own practice as a Dharma/ Spiritual Life/ Soul Purpose Coach. You are a natural space-holder and are looking for a way to translate your compassionate gifts into a career. You have a natural Oprah-like energy to you that makes you able to sit with anyone and have an authentic conversation to take them deeper into their soul

More than one person has told you you should become a coach, so you aren’t surprised to read this. However, something within you may feel some resistance. “Who am I to become a coach?” “Do I have time for this?” “Am I good enough to support others?” Feelings of imposter syndrome may show up. You know you have this gift of supporting others but feel bad charging for it because you know how much your advice helps others. You know becoming a coach is the next step but you don’t align with a lot of the corporate models that make human interaction feel like a machine. You know you’re meant to do it your own intuitive way

Becoming a Dharma/ Spiritual Life Coach would be an incredible next step for you to take action on diving into your own spirituality and then creating a career supporting others with theirs. This type of career would allow you to use your intuition, empathy, listening skills and communication gifts, sharing it with others. It will also teach you how to create boundaries as a coach so you don’t feel like someone is talking your ear off without taking action. You’ll be trained how to set up sessions and monetize your practice so you can actually feel good and recharged about doing this work, honored for your time and energy. How good does that feel?!

Dharma Coaching Institute is the first and only Institute out there that graduates Certified Dharma Coaches. Not only will you graduate as a Certified Dharma Coach, but it’s also a double certification for becoming a Spiritual Life Coach.

This is the most comprehensive Spiritual Life Coaching Training out there, combining the best of Dharma Coaching, emotional psychology training, online business training and development, spiritual coaching, embodiment, somatics, Human Design and feminine/ masculine integration.

You will walk away from this experience in full alignment with your own dharma and ready to support others with theirs, which can translate into careers in one-on-one coaching, group coaching, online programs, speaking, corporate events, retreats, books and other avenues.


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